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B1G Squeakyfouls 2015-16

Maryland-G'town Redux: The 2016 Gavitt Games!

I don't care if it's May, we're gonna talk some squeakyfouls and shootyhoops!

2015-2016 Illinois Fighting Illini Basketball: Season In Review

Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by Da'monte Williams.

How B1G are the Final Four Teams?

Sure, the Big Ten is not represented in the 2016 Final Four, but that doesn't mean these teams aren't sorta B1G. A look at how each team looks as a B1G team.

Can IU or UW Redeem the B1G in the 2016 Tourney?

Or is the conference's performance too abysmal for redemption?

StewPoll picks the tourney

Stewmonkey13 filled out a bracket according to his rating system

The 2016 Newbill-Shurna Trophy Nominees

We have a new award to distribute

How I Won The OTE BTT Pick'em

A look back on the Big Ten Tournament

2016 Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament: Semifinal previews and open thread

We're down to the final four teams in the Big Ten tournament!

B1G Tourney quarterfinals preview and thread

The competition is only getting hotter with top teams on the floor and dance bids on the line.

B1G Tourney Thursday previews and thread

Can Illinois build off its dominating victory?

B1G Tourney Wednesday preview and game thread

The Big Ten Tournament starts today!

Favorites, dark horses, and busts for B1G Tourney

Check out our predictions before making your own tomorrow.

Indiana Clinches, the Iowa Collapse Continues!


Wisconsin vs. Iowa Recap

Wisconsin beats Iowa. Nothing to see here.

Midweek B1G Basketball Preview/Open Thread - 2/23

You want games? We got games.

Hoosiers Survive, Alone in 1st: B1G Weekend Recap

The Hoosiers and Terrapins survive at home, while Ohio State picks up a desperately-needed squeaker in Lincoln.

B1G Hoops Weekend Preview and Open Thread

We got Purdue-Indiana, Michigan-Maryland, and even some Penn State-Rutgers!


Did that really just happen?

MSU-Wisconsin, Maryland-Minnesota Open Thread

A week with one big surprise atop the B1G standings increases the importance of tonight's Michigan State-Wisconsin showdown.

What was Diamond thinking? B1G Hoops Weekend Recap

Plus a Michigan upset, Northwestern escape, and STOP ENABLING WISCONSIN, MARYLAND.

UW-MD, IU-MSU headline B1G Valentine's Day Weekend

Time for a bunch of Denzel jokes!

A review of the last week of B1G basketball.

What happened around the world of B1G basketball during the last week?

Big Ten Hoops, February 2: Talking Points & Recaps

How is your B1G team doing?

B1G Basketball: Week in Review, 1/25


Michigan-Nebraska Basketball: Food Bet Time!

Sure, this game is only about the battle for fifth place in the Big Ten, but the Off Tackle Empire team wants to up the ante. With winning streaks, pride, and local foods on the line, our writers preview the game and ask for food suggestions.

Big Ten Bracketology: Can Iowa Get a 1-Seed?

Surveying what the experts have to say on the B1G teams in the Big Dance.

StewPoll - Basketball Edition

Stewmonkey13's live updating basketball poll

Historically Bad? The case for Rutgers Basketball

In a year where anything and everything that can go wrong continues to do so, Rutgers reached a new low against Purdue allowing more rebounds than they scored points. Is this the worst season by a Big Ten basketball team ever? We investigate.

B1G Basketball: Week in Review, Midweek Preview

It's...Iowa's conference to lose?!

Your Oops! Sorry! Basketball Weekend Open Thread

That' bad, I guess?

Midweek B1G basketball, Week 3

Here are the midweek games for the 3rd week of conference play

Shootyhoops Week in Review, 1/11

A couple close calls, a big upset, a few ass whoopins, and Rutgers is going for history.


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