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Off Beat Empire: The Best Marching Band in the Big Ten is...

Awarding OTE’s Rusty Trombone award to this year’s best...

Off Beat Empire: Look Who’s Coming to Dinner (Washington)

Getting to know the University of Washington Husky Marching Band

Off Beat Empire: Getting to Know Oregon’s Marching Band

Getting to know the Big Ten Conference’s new feathered friends

Off Beat Empire: Getting to know an HBCU Band

Enjoying the sights and sounds of Howard University’s Showtime Marching Band

Off Beat Empire: Thank You Sir, May I Have Another

Discussing hazing in Big Ten Marching Bands

Off Beat Empire: Big Ten Marching Bands are BACK!

Getting reacquainted with your favorite Big Ten Marching Bands

Off Beat Empire: Crowning a Champ

I was going to say awarding the OTE Rusty Trombone Award, but I don’t think we want to be in that Google search...

Off Beat Empire: Thanksgiving and Marching Band

Want to really avoid travel hassles? Just stay home and play in the cold.

Off Beat Empire: Stringing Things Out

Who wouldn’t want to see violins in the snow?

Off Beat Empire: Going on Parade

Who wouldn’t want to go for an urban hike while wearing a costume and blowing into an instrument?

Off Beat Empire: Turning Your Back on Loyal Fans

Demand sound equality!

Off Beat Empire: Time to Rethink Uniforms?

Are hats and plumes really that necessary?

Off Beat Empire: Look Who’s Coming to Dinner, Part 2 (USC)

Helmets, sunglasses, and bare bottoms... oh my!

Off Beat Empire: Golden Anniversaries and Too Much Travolta

What is so special about 50 years?

Off Beat Empire: Look Who’s Coming to Dinner (UCLA)

We work hard regurgitating Wikipedia so you don’t have to

Off Beat Empire: This Time, It’s for Real (but not really)

We’re going to settle which B1G Band is best as only the internet can... through arbitrary logic, easily rigged polls, and memes.

Off Beat Empire: The Final Serenade 2021

Wrapping up the year in B1G Marching Band

Off Beat Empire: Should Big Ten Marching Bands Compete?

Let’s see if you really are the best damn band in the land.

Off Beat Empire: Where to Go on your Fall Vacation

Going to see the in-laws

Off Beat Empire: Rush Sucks, and Homecoming Bands...uh...Blow?

The last part’s not true. But our roundup of Big Ten marching bands has some feelings on whether you can ever really go back.

Off Beat Empire: That Moment of Knowing You Suck

Big Ten Marching Bands and dealing with disappointment

Off Beat Empire: Lost Traditions

Come here to share tales of the "good old days" and shake your fist at America’s youth

Off Beat Empire: Did Anything Happen Last Year?

Catching up with the Big Ten marching bands after an unprecedented 2020.

Off Beat Empire: The Final Serenade ‘19

Off Beat Empire: Should Bands have to Play Thanksgiving Weekend?

Off Beat Empire: The Final Stretch

Enduring UMass

Off Beat Empire: Those who Stay...

Congrats to the Illini, Hoosiers, and Gophers

Off Beat Empire: Pre-Game

Hype!!! Tunnels!!! Drum Majors Doing Weird Things!!!

Off Beat Empire: Originality

The great Thriller dance Marching Band conspiracy

Off Beat Empire: Powering Through

I really hate the dentist

Off Beat Empire: Coming Home

Geezers on parade... literally

Off Beat Empire: Does Size Matter?

Asking for a friend


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