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Feast Week Open Thread: Wednesday

Mashed Potatoes and Maui—here are all the Big Ten games in Feast Week, starting with today.

Feast Week Open Thread Tuesday

Mashed Potatoes and Maui—here are all the Big Ten games in Feast Week, starting with today.

Feast Week Open Thread Part 1: The Big Ten Thanksgiving Schedule as Holiday Dishes

Mashed Potatoes and Maui—here are all the Big Ten games in Feast Week, starting with today.

B1G Basketball Weekend Recaps

Welcome our new Maryland overlords

Big Ten Basketball Sunday Thread

Hail Dainja, Full of Grace

Big Ten Basketball - B1G’s Undefeated Record Sinks in Ocean

Plus Wisconsin claims the first P6 scalp while cupcake season continues

B1G Basketball Recaps - Big Ten Opens 14-0

Even Minnesota squeaked out a victory

HOW THEY’LL FINISH: 2022-23 Big Ten Basketball Record Projections

That’s right—full predictions and projections for Big Ten basketball in 2022-23. How will they finish?

This stream has:

2022-23 Big Ten Basketball Preview: Team-by-Team Projections

From Illinois to Wisconsin, we’ve got you covered for your 2022-23 Big Ten basketball predictions:

Hate Your Football Team? Basketball is Here—Previews and Open Thread!

Nebraska and Northwestern fans, please ignore.

B1G Basketball Secret and Not-so-secret Scrimmage Results

Or why the Hoosiers are definitely returning to the Final Four

2022 B1G-ACC Challenge Way-Too-Early Preview, Analysis, Picks

Some disappointments as Purdue and FSU run it back, but...oh god, here comes Boston College at Nebraska. WHY?

2022 Gavitt Games Announced: Can I interest you in DePaul-Minnesota? NO?

Villanova-Michigan State and...uh...

Maryland Basketball During Maryland Football Week // Kevin Willard: Bald Turge or Pitino-Lite?

That’s right, it’s not Turtle Time unless there’s some hoops talk.

BASKETBALL NEWS: Finally, this conference gets some damn sense.

Come for a visit, but please don’t stay.

Penn State Basketball 2021-22 Autopsy: Seven For The Price Of Two

First-year head coach Micah Shrewsberry squeezed every bit of effort from the Nittany Lions on their way to a Big Ten Tournament quarterfinals finish.

Big Ten Basketball Autopsy: A Successful 2022 for Northwestern

The Collins regime appears to be out of ideas. So what’s another year of failure among friends?'d your bracket go? OTE Pick'em Challenge Results

Lot of Iowa near the bottom. Wonder what happened.

Which cheater will win? An NCAA Tournament Men’s Final Preview, Open Thread

Kansas! North Carolina! The worthless NCAA! Hooray!

NCAA Tournament Saturday Thread: Two Big Ten Teams Still Alive!

Plus, yes, here’s your place to talk Duke-Arkansas, Houston-Villanova, and, of course, THE MAIN EVENT: Portland-Southern Utah!

Michigan Falls to Villanova

Michigan’s NCAA tournament run ends with loss to Villanova in the Sweet Sixteen.

Trainwrecked: Purdue Fans Set Their Out-Of-Office Message

Thus ends the Big Ten’s participation in the 2022 NCAA Tournament.

Let’s Keep Dancing - NCAA Tournament Friday Previews and Open Thread

Everyone’s favorite little underdog train faces off against St. Peters

What’s wrong with Big Ten Basketball?

As a collective, that wasn’t ideal now, was it?

Bloody Sunday: And then there were two.

Hope you at least got to sing Varsity, Brad.

Michigan Advances to Sweet Sixteen

Michigan makes its fifth consecutive trip to the Sweet Sixteen.

NCAA Tournament Sunday Preview, Open Thread

HOOOOOOBOY it’s a B1G Sunday and is it gonna be painful.

NCAA Tournament Saturday Preview, Open Thread

Michigan men and women hit the court today, plus Hoosiers and Buckeyes women in the NCAA Tournament...full schedules for Men’s and Women’s NCAAT, the NIT, CBI, and shenanigans in The Basketball Classic. Join the conversation:

NCAA Tournament Friday Games Preview and Open Thread

You’re hungover from St. Patrick’s Day. How is your bracket doing? To shreds, you say? Karen from accounting’s bracket? She’s winning?

Michigan Defeats Colorado State – Advances in NCAA Tourney

With starting point guard DeVante Jones home in Ann Arbor, freshman Frankie Collins provided the spark that the Wolverines needed.

NCAA Tournament Thursday Games Preview and Open Thread: Do any of Iowa, Michigan, and Indiana survive?

The magnificent BoilerUp89 previews all 16 games of the 1st day of the tournament and provides you a game thread for your degenerate bracket gambling discussions

First Four Previews, Day 2: Rutgers! Notre Dame! WHY?!?

Plus the NCAA Women’s Tournament tips off, the NIT is in full swing, and something called a Basketball Classic happens! We don’t know why.


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