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Five Talking Points From Michigan's Win Over Minnesota

lob city lob city

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

1) Michigan gets out on the break. Like gangbusters. Even against a spectacular offensive rebounding team. This was on full display mid-second half, when a flurry of dunks and transition buckets put Michigan ahead for good. I refer to my past comment:

GF: Make a run. Michigan makes spectacular runs better than any other B1G team. You turn your head and zip, it's a 10-2 or 15-5 run, with Burke running the fast break and basically everyone on the floor shooting threes.

2) Lob city, dunk city, etc. Glenn Robinson III got the 360 attention, but the half-court lob to Hardaway warrants mention.

3) Early in the game, I believe it was Dickie V who said, Michigan is not huge physically, but they play great team defense. And this was said in the midst of Michigan giving up the most points they have given up all year. He makes a point though - Michigan plays great help defense, notched 13 steals, and picked up enough loose ball rebounds to trigger the break. Minnesota looked really good on offense, so for Michigan to weather that storm on the road, gives credence to Dickie V's thought.

4) Trey Burke is unguardable one on one (Aaron Craft disagrees). His crossover was working and no screens were needed to create space and opportunities. He's thrilling to watch. Utterly thrilling.

5) How big a win was this for Michigan? Minnesota shot 48%, outrebounded UM 30-19, and shot 50% from the three point line...and Michigan won by 8 points. Road wins in the Big Ten are just huge and no matter if Mini turns out to be a Top 20 team or unranked, this win showcased the tremendous talent and mental fortuity that can lead to B1G Championships.