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Wolverine Weakness: How To Beat Michigan

Talented Team, Glaring Weaknesses

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

After seeing enough of Michigan on the road and at home, we all recognize the talent, the ability to make runs, the tremendous guard play...and the potential for this young team to win an NCAA Championship.

We can also admit that Michigan is plagued by some big flaws:

Michigan plays weak interior defense, with no real shot-blocking force. Did anyone see the OSU bigs terrorize the offensive boards on Tuesday night? Jordan Morgan needs to get healthy for the tourney.

Michigan is missing a go-to scorer down low, someone who can toss in a little baby hook in a one on one offensive situation.

Michigan depends on the three point shot too much. Sure, they shoot it so well that maybe it's not a huge issue, and plus that's a typical Beilein offensive philosophy. But against both Indiana and OSU away, numerous second-half deep threes were hoisted with no regard to clock management, set plays, or offensive flow.

Trey Burke, All-American and future first round draft pick, dominates the ball in situations where it might be best to spread the wealth. The matchups against Aaron Craft prove my point well - Burke couldn't admit that Craft was slowing him, so Burke continuously attacked Craft, leading to turnovers and loose balls and missed shots. Does Michigan love having Burke and his floor leadership? Yes. But against OSU, where he needed to pass or keep the ball moving, he didn't.

Michigan isn't a great free throw shooting team, shooting 70% as a team.

Glenn Robinson III needs to become a bigger part of the offense. Dribble and drive is effective with future NBA players Hardaway and Burke, but it doesn't work well with the less-developed Robinson. Give that man a post up or a pick and roll, something in the set play mold to get this 5 Star recruit rolling.


So how do you beat Michigan?

Slow the game down.

Put lots of defenders on the perimeter to discourage wide open threes.

Pound the ball inside, over and over. Use your big boys, all of them.

Run a 3-2 zone if you need a rest from Man defense.

Keep Burke in front of you at all times, your big playing a huge role in properly reading picks.