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We talk about beer here.

Bud Light Sales Take Another Big Hit Following College Football Realignment

Your bi-daily update on macro lager sales figures


Just kidding, it’s Iowa stuff.

B1G 2021 // Pure Michigan Beer, Pure Michigan Scheduling

What should be the penalty for a B1G team playing two MAC teams in one season?

DWT;WT: Ohio State-Michigan, Big Ten Basketball Open Thread

Just kind of slapping together all the articles I didn’t write this last week, with some help from my friends.

Young Quarterbacks and Buckets of Beer—Risky Biz-ness in Bloomington

The best-named quarterback in the Big Ten has the job to himself and the weapons to conjure up Indiana’s offensive numbers of old. But are there cracks in the Hoosier foundation?

Breweries I’ve Been To, Beers I’ve Had: February 2020

Filling Monday space with a little chat about breweries I’ve visited recently. Where have you been lately?

Better Know a B1G Blog: Bucky’s 5th Quarter

Meet the folks responsible for bringing you all the hottest takes on Wisconsin football, basketball, and beer!

Hot Dog Condiments, Midwestern Salads, and Fourth of July Beers, Ranked: MAILBAG ANSWERS

Pushing the boundaries of salads, figuring out how to top our hot dogs, and eventually just getting drunk and shooting off fireworks because no one can agree.

Slapdash Saturday Slackchat: What’s your most controversial beer take?

Here’s what the OTE idiots have been wasting their time arguing about THIS week.

Shouldn’t a defensive coach...have a good defense? // 2019 Indiana Football Defense, Recruiting Preview

Looking at Tom Allen’s defensive and recruiting prowess, and asking if Indiana can make the full transition from #CHAOSTEAM to "Ho hum, another 10-7 win."

Proof that the Midwest (and the Big Ten) owns the craft beer world

West Coast who? Head to America’s Heartland for the best in craft breweries.

Best B1G Brewery Challenge: The Foamy Four

With a few surprise guests in the "There are 8 breweries left" round, which ones survived to the Foamy Four? We're one step closer to finding out which is the best brewery in B1G country.

BEER, R8: Two predictable matchups, two...what?!

Don't lie, none of you had Revolution vs. Voodoo in your quarterfinals.

BEER: Bell's or Troegs? Revolution or Summit?

Plus 3 Floyds vs. River Horse and New Glarus vs. Half Acre!

BEER: Founders or Troegs? Surly or Zipline?

And more, as we vote on one side of the bracket in the Sudsy Sixteen!

State Champions Announced! Second-Chance Voting!

Seven breweries. One line in the Sudsy Sixteen. Only YOU can decide.

Best B1G Brewery Challenge, State Finals: WI, IL

Lakefront or New Glarus? Half Acre or Revolution? HELP.

BEER: Great Lakes or Fat Head's? Surly or Summit?

Vote on the Ohio and Minnesota state finals!

BEER: Bell's or Founders, Flying Dog or Heavy Seas

It's the Michigan and Maryland state finals! Vote now!

State Finals: Vote on BEST Brewery in NE and PA!

Help us decide the best breweries in Nebraska and Pennsylvania!

Vote for Best Brewery: Iowa, Indiana, and Jersey!

One Iowa vote came down to TWO VOTES...see who advanced to the STATE FINALS in Iowa, Indiana, and New Jersey, and vote on those states!

Best B1G Brewery Challenge, Round 1: OH, MN, IL

Find out who advanced out of the play-in games from Ohio, Minnesota, and Illinois, and see what happens now that the big hitters enter play -- we've got Great Lakes, Surly, Goose Island, and more!

Best B1G Brewery Challenge, Round 1: MI, MD, WI

Find out who advanced out of the play-in games from Michigan, Maryland, and Wisconsin, and see what happens now that the big hitters enter play -- Vote now on Bell's, Founders, New Glarus, and more!

Best B1G Brewery Challenge: Round 1, NE and PA

Who are the best breweries in Nebraska and Pennsylvania? You tell us!

Best B1G Brewery Challenge, Round 1: IA, IN, NJ

Help us decide the best breweries in Iowa, Indiana, and New Jersey!

Best B1G Brewery Challenge: Play-In Voting, Part 2

A battle for Nordeast supremacy and a Twin Cities showdown in Minnesota, some MACtion and a classic Columbus-Cleveland fight brewing in Ohio, and two Chicagoland-downstate matchups.

Best B1G Brewery Challenge: Play-In Voting, Part 1

Atwater vs. Dark Horse and Short's vs. New Holland in Michigan! Central Waters vs. Capital and Milwaukee vs. Ale Asylum in Wisconsin! Time to finalize the bracket for the OTE Best B1G Brewery Challenge.

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