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Big Ten sports during the COVID-19 Pandemic

They’re Back: Wolverines Battle Badgers

Dear Nebraska: Calm the F*ck Down

A plea from a Husker fan.

Reactions: Nebraska Ends Losing Streak as Wisconsin Runs Scared, Cancels Game

That is definitely what happened, not Covid-19.

Well, what did you think was gonna happen?

Wisconsin football is now shut down

Is Big Ten Football Really Back? How Did They Lose Control Of The Narrative?

What happened? Big Ten Football is back...?

What is rapid testing for coronavirus? Will it make Big Ten football safer? A (real) doctor explains.

An MD and two-time B1G alum answers our questions on rapid testing, the Big Ten, and the resumption of the college football season.

Big Ten football returns for a short season with stringent medical protocols

After waiting for a bit, the conference has decided to play a short season

Well, it’s...happening? Reckless Speculation Thread.

Here we go. Come talk about why.

A fall unlike any other: thoughts on Big Ten football during COVID-19

It’s strange that there’s football going on but not for the Big Ten. Honesty, it’s for the best.

B1G Indoor Football: Where should they play? We pull out the globe and speculate wildly.

Or, really, a map. But if the Big Ten goes indoors in January, they’ll need some places to play. And we’d like to find a nice spot for each team, with extra-special consideration for the whiners.

B1G 2020: So now what are we supposed to do?

I don’t know.

Wednesday Morning Coming Down: Big Ten Football Cancelled For Fall 2020

what now?

B1G Kabuki

A Spectacle for the Pandemic Age

Signs That The 2020 College Football Season Is A Bad Idea Continue To Pile Up

You’re free to ignore them if you want. This is America.

Big Ten Football Coronavirus Crisis 2020 Preview in MS Paint Infographics

may be the only one of the season

Coronavirus and Sports: The Bargaining Stage Game

What would you sacrifice to preserve your most promising sports season?

Will the Big Ten have non-conference games? SHOULD they?

Big Ten Mascots and whether or not I could beat them up

Day 9 of quarantine: Asking the important questions


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