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Blocking Chargecast

The Blocking Chargecast is the world's first and only Big Ten basketball podcast!

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Big Ten Preview & Conference Tournament Recap: Blocking Chargecast

March Madness is finally here. Are any Big Ten teams going...anywhere?

Making Sense Of A Crazy Last Two Weeks Of Big Ten Basketball: Blocking Chargecast

It’s March, which means we have no idea what the weather will be like at any given time!

The Blocking Chargecast Shows You All Some Appreciation

...please don’t abandon us to listen to a Miami podcast

Who's the B1G Player of the Year? A Fat and Sassy Blocking Chargecast Investigates

Plus: Michigan State throws games, a review of Indiana-Purdue, how Wisconsin and Minnesota could have the same long-term limitation, less Illinois more? (Kidding, Thump, please come back.)

A Blocking Chargecast Deep Dive of Penn State and Indiana Basketball: In Search Of Good Big Ten Teams + Wednesday Open Thread

Is anyone besides Michigan State and Illinois any good?

The Blocking Chargecast Could Go For A Sandwich

Big Ten Basketball: Previewing the 2021 Big Ten / ACC Challenge!

It’s not yet football season but let’s talk hoops

Evaluating Micah Shrewsberry, Ben Johnson and Mike Woodson as the Big Ten Basketball Offseason Begins

Three unexpected moves!

Illinois Basketball Gets Strangled & Other Big Ten Horror Stories: Blocking Chargecast March Madness Update

Oh, and congratulations to Michigan for not driving into oncoming traffic.

2021 NCAA Basketball Tournament Preview: Why the Big Ten Owns March Madness ‘21, by the Blocking Chargecast

Nine entire teams, including half of the top 8 seeds, are from the B1G

Big Ten Basketball Tournament Rapid Reaction Recap: Blocking Chargecast

A quick recap of one of the more heated Big Ten Tourneys in recent memory before BRACKET DISCUSSIONS

Big Ten Tournament Preview & Basketball Regular Season Recap: Blocking Chargecast 3/11!

oops i forgot to post this on Tuesday

Why is Michigan Basketball Scared Of Illinois? Can Indiana or Minnesota make the tournament? Blocking Chargecast!

Plus, Franuary has become Frebruary!

Blocking Chargecast Previews Illinois, Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State Basketball

It’s still a preview if it gets out before conference play starts

Eat your brussels sprouts: Previewing Nebraska, Northwestern, and Rutgers Basketball

One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belo—oh shit it’s Rutgers basketball? SERIOUSLY?!

Blocking Chargecast Previews the Big Ten Basketball Tournament!

What do you make of an unusually deep field?

Is The 14-Way Big Ten Basketball Tie Going To Happen? Breaking Down Early Conference Play

How mushy is the mushy mushy middle?

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take These Takes! Northwestern, Illinois and Maryland Basketball Previews

Better late than never

Blocking Chargecast: Penn State Nittany Lions, Minnesota Golden Gophers, Michigan State Spartans

Blocking Chargecast: Big Ten Basketball Previews of the Wisconsin Badgers, Rutgers Scarlet Knights, and Ohio State Buckeyes

A Big Ten basketball podcast preview of the red-and-white teams in the conference: Can the Buckeyes contend for the Big Ten title, and could landmines like Rutgers trip them up?

Blocking Chargecast: Previewing Indiana Hoosiers and Purdue Boilermakers Basketball

A Big Ten basketball podcast preview of the Indiana Hoosiers and Purdue Boilermakers, two teams that should make the NCAA Tournament—and contend for the Big Ten title?

Previewing Big Ten Basketball...with the BRAND NEW Blocking Chargecast!

I warned you a basketcast was in the works


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