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Bowl Projections

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2023 Bowl Projections, Week 3: HUSKERS?!

A really scientific projection of the Big Ten college football bowl games in 2023.

Big Ten Bowl Projections with Updated College Football Playoff Rankings: What’s the point?

Ohio State or Michigan State to the College Football Playoff? Michigan to face Notre Dame in a New Year’s Six Bowl game? Is there any point to playing the SEC Championship Game?

Big Ten Bowl Projections, Week 8: NY6 Teams Everywhere

And not a-one is Iowa.

Big Ten Bowl Projections: How high can Iowa fly?

I hate this. I hate this, I hate this, I hate this.

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Bowl Projections: It's Rose Bowl Talkin' Time...

FOUR Big Ten teams in the CFP and/or New Year's Six?

Iowa’s bowl canceled, Indiana’s on the brink. Here’s how the games can be saved.

The solution’s right there.

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Bowl Projections: Send Minnesota to the Gator Bowl

Big Ten and college football bowl picks

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Bowl Projections, Wk 13: Upsets and Lacks Thereof

Let's just get to the good stuff.

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Bowl Projections: Minnesota holds onto Rose Bowl?

Or did PJ Fleck's tantrum (and other things but they're not as sexy a lead-in) cost the Gophers a shot at Pasadena?

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Big Ten Bowl Projections: Where were you in 1962?

And can the Big Ten sneak Penn State into the New Year's Six?


Can we interest you in a pair of intra-conference semifinals? No? Well...uh...cheer for Minnesota, I guess?

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Week 10 Big Ten Bowl Projections

Plus, talk of the Gophers to the Rose Bowl EVEN AFTER a loss to Penn State? All the conference projections that are fit to print...

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Week 9 Big Ten Bowl Projections: As many as 10?

With seven teams eligible, could the Big Ten hit double-digits bowling in 2019?

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Week 8 Big Ten Bowl Projections

Surely...surely that's not Lovie Smith...

Big Ten Week 7 Bowl Projections: 3 B1G to NY6?

Bump everyone up a slot and see where the chips fall? Just kidding, there are probably still two SEC teams in the Playoff.

Big Ten Bowl Projections, Post-Week 6

Let’s get ready for an Indiana-Maryland play-in game! Also, which of Penn State and wisconsin makes the Rose Bowl?

The New NCAA Bowl Lineup is a Net Loss for the Big Ten

New changes to the bowl landscape, as we wave goodbye to San Diego and book our Allegiant Airlines tickets to VEGAS, BABY. But the rest of the lineup...leaves something to be desired.

Big Ten Bowl Projections: OSU missed the Playoff, settles for the Rose Bowl. Now what?

Now that Ohio State’s won the Big Ten but been left out of the College Football Playoff, how do the rest of the conference’s bowl games shake out?

Big Ten Bowl Projections, Post-Week 13: The Unfairness of 6-6, and if OSU can do it again

Will it take a 59-0 pounding of Northwestern for the Buckeyes to leapfrog the Sooners? We don’t actually have to find out, do we?

Bowl Projections, Post-Week 12: How the Big Ten can give us UCF in the Playoff

Hint: Lots of purple in your future, Knights. Also, we look at which combination of Purdue/Indiana, Minnesota, and Maryland is most likely to make a bowl game and ask if wisconsin gets $15 avocado toast in San Francisco or New York.

Big Ten Bowl Projections, Post-Week 11: Potential Bucket Game Excitement

Indiana and Purdue sit on the cusp of bowl eligibility, while Northwestern has a case for Roses and Citrus? Grab a drink.

Big Ten Bowl Projections, Week 10: How high can Purdue climb?

The Big Ten West is a mess, but could Purdue hop a team from the East? Can Michigan keep it within 20 against Alabama in the College Football Playoff?

Big Ten Bowl Projections, Post-Week 9

A little shakeup in the Big Ten, sure, but HOO BOY THERE’S BLOOD EVERYWHERE IN THE PAC-12

Big Ten Bowl Projections, Post-Week 8: Somehow, a worse College Football Playoff

You don’t want to see who’s in college football’s final four of bowl projections. Skip this article (assuming you’ve already clicked on it—these takes don’t warm themselves) and find something less maddening to do with your day.

Big Ten Bowl Projections, Post-Week 7

SBNation is alleging that this was CHAOS WEEK around the college football landscape. I don’t know if it was that crazy, but it made this exercise a pain in the ass.

College Football Playoffs, Bowl Games Announcement Open Thread

Updating live

Big Ten Bowl Projections, Week 8: The Cream Rises to the Top, the Bottom Holds On

With the meat of the East schedule yet to come, there’s uncertainty at the top of the Big Ten slate.

Big Ten Bowl Projections, Week 7: The Two-CFP Team Debate Rages On

Could two teams from the Big Ten make the College Football Playoff? Even better—could they both be from the same division?

Big Ten Bowl Projections, Week 5: USC’s Loss is Penn State’s Gain

Recapping the pointless activity of projecting bowl games after the fifth week of the college football season. we worry about Nebraska not making a bowl game now?

Big Ten Week 4 Bowl Projection Roundup: Abandon Playoff, All Ye Who Enter Here

Recapping the pointless activity of projecting bowl games after the fourth week of the college football season.

Big Ten Bowl Projections Roundup: Penn State or wisconsin to the Playoff? Purdue to a bowl?!

Sharing the way-too-early bowl projections from around the sports blog-o-sphere for all Big Ten teams, in which it’s more likely the Big Ten is left out of the College Football Playoff than makes it, Nebraska might not go bowling, and Purdue goes to the Outback Bowl.

Post-Rivalry Week Bowl Projections

I insisted no conference was getting two teams in the playoff. I...I might’ve been wrong.


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