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B1G 2013 Closing Arguments

The OTE Staff recaps the offseason and makes predictions on each team's 2013 fate.

Iowa: Searching for the Third Run

2013 is about Kirk Ferentz building for another run at a BCS game or a Big Ten Championship.

Back to the Future

Michigan is still very much a team in transition, but optimism is high in Ann Arbor as Devin Gardner leads Michigan into the future.

Purdue Closing Arguments

It's Purdue's turn to be put under the microscope. Will this be a down year for the Boilers, or can the new coaching staff turn things around in the face of a tough schedule?

Closing Argument: Solid Not Spectacular Gophers

Also, why wanting Minnesota to win 7 games is what a patriotic American would do.

Closing Argument: Northwestern's Here to Stay

The 'Cats aren't just here; they're here to stay. Put on your smoking jacket, grab a glass of sherry from the butler, and step into the Northwestern lounge. Welcome to a world where everything's coming up purple.

Closing Arguments MSU - Defense wins Championships

B1G 2013 - Closing Arguments Michigan State - Can the Spartans ride a stellar defense to a championship?

2013 Closing Arguments - Ohio State

Undefeated or Bust

Indiana: Bowl Eligible in 2013

Our B1G 2013 series rolls on with Closing Arguments for each team. Today, we stop by Bloomington to hear the Hoosiers plead their case for bowl eligibility, with a little (OK, a LOT of) help from a surprise guest.

Closing Arguments: Illinois

After a 2-12 season last year, where does OTE see Illinois finishing in 2013? Well, not so good. Still, a heartfelt argument for rooting for the Illini, and a WaCo.