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Don't Watch This; Watch That

Your weekly college football viewing guide, presented by MNWildcat!

Mastering Tasks and Counting Down: Don’t Watch This; Watch That, Week 5

Your guide to the college football schedule hops across the pond and finds the purplest thing beginning with "N".

Don’t Watch This; Watch That is Taking 8 Hours for What We Will

I’ve done my 8 hours of work, now give me New Mexico State at Hawai’i!

Don’t Watch This; Watch That, Week 3: Needlessly Burning Fuel and Money in Airbnb Hell

Your Week 3 Guide to the College Football Schedule takes a trip down memory lane to Airbnb hell in New York City.

YO I HEARD YOU LIKE POTATOES: DWT;WT, Week 2, ft. the Spud Bowl

Yo, I heard you like potatoes...

I’m Not Ready for 18: Don’t Watch This; Watch That, Week 1

We’re not ready for 18. In any sense of the word.

DWT;WT, Week 0: College Football and the Problem of Bigness

Let’s take a little time to appreciate what makes college football so unique—starting tonight—as the bigness of FBS swallows up the traditions we love. A much quieter and more sinister problem stalks the small colleges of the United States.

Saturday Bowl Game Trivia, Schedule, and Open Thread

Featuring the live mascot I was born to play.

Did everyone at this high school get raptured? Don’t Watch This; Watch That: Your Guide/Open Thread for Championship Week

In which...did they just abandon that school? Were they raptured?

Unsolicited Green Bean Casserole, to Spite My Mom: DWT;WT, Week 13

Don't Watch This; Watch That: the unsolicited green bean casserole of college football articles.

A College Football Fan’s Guide to the World Cup: DWT;WT, Week 12

Your Week 12 guide to the college football schedule gives you a helpful explainer of which World Cup team your football fandom would suggest you should support.

Football and the Depression; or, How MACtion Ruined My Fantasy Team; DWT;WT, Week 11

Don’t Watch This; Watch That: Your Week 11 Guide to the College Football Schedule

DWT;WT, Week 10: The Philadelphia Potatoes

We drunkely watch the World Series and learn a little about ourselves in the process.

DWT;WT, Week 9: The New D-I Basketball Programs Include a PLAGIARIST.

An introduction to all the new teams in Division 1 basketball, plus plagiarism and the smallest cities to have two D-I programs!

Big Ten Fight Songs...But in a Minor Key? Don’t Watch This; Watch That, Week 8

Things aren’t good in Evanston—so let’s rework a few Big Ten fight songs. Plus, your full guide to the Week 8 College Football Schedule:

Updated* Big Ten Power Rankings: NOW OOT! DWT;WT, Week 7 College Football Guide

Zut alors! Could Kirk Ferentz punt his way to a Grey Cup?

Everything OK, Florida? plus Breakdowns in Parenting: DWT;WT Week 6

I don’t want children’s toys to be happy to see me...

Would Northwestern or Nebraska lose to a D-II School? DWT;WT, Week 5

In which we seek out which Big Ten team will have the worst transitive loss of 2022.

I Got Shit-Talked By A Southern Illinois Fan, and I Had to Sit There and Take It: DWT;WT, Week 4

...and greater Carbondale, Illinois. Because I got shit-talked by a Southern Illinois grad last night. At a brewery. In Minnesota.

“Slum Clearance” and Bad Football: Don’t Watch This; Watch That, Week 3

Looking at "urban renewal" and its impact not just on Minneapolis or Chicago, but Grand Rapids and Fargo.

The 7-3 Win That Saved Iowa’s Season // Don’t Watch That; Watch That: Week 2

Your Week 2 guide to the college football schedule looks at a hated Iowa Hawkeyes club and a 7-3 triumph (no, not that one) that changed...well, not much, really.

Don’t Watch That; Watch That, Week 1: Can I Ethically Raise a Northwestern Fan?

On rivalries, parenting, and definitely not wisconsin.

“It was on the syllabus”: Your Week 0 Guide to the College Football Schedule

It’s Syllabus Day! Time to go over all that boilerplate information, because you’ve got something to learn about how to watch college football games the right way...

DWT;WT: Army-Navy, plus How Many D-1 Nicknames Can YOU Name?

A guide to the weekend of college football and more.

Don’t Watch This; Watch That: Your College Football Guide to CHAMPIONSHIP WEEK

Basically just finding casual excuses to laugh at Southerners and yell "motherfucker" in public places:

Don’t Watch This; Watch That, Week 13: Land Grants, Land Grabs, and Thanksgiving

For Michigan State-Penn State, we look at Land Grant Universities and Land Grab U—learn something, while you’re at it.

Don’t Watch This; Watch That: Your Week 12 Guide to the College Football Schedule Says Hello From Austin

Now tell me where to go drink beer.

Don’t Watch This; Watch That, Week 11: Your Guide to the College Football Schedule is Erasing Our History

A historian guides you through the weekend’s college football action...and prepares you (and himself) for THAT Thanksgiving conversation with your family.

DWT:WT Week 10: What if your Big Ten coach was your NFL team’s coach, and vice versa?


DWT;WT Week 9: MACtion, plus Texas Cults and a Hot Carbondale-Cedar Falls Take?

MACtion returns, more from your favorite Texas cults, and the beauty of The Battle for the Oil Can.

A Bowl Game, Sponsored by Culver’s: DWT;WT, Week 8

Give us the ButterBurgers, and give us the bowl games, and give us them TOGETHER.

What does it truly mean to be a Sicko? Don’t Watch This; Watch That: Week 7

UConn-UMass, and one man’s search for meaning and Malort.


When the NATIONAL THUNDER meet the COPPER BULLETS, you throw out the record books.


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