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Don't Watch This; Watch That

Your weekly college football viewing guide, presented by MNWildcat!

What’s more pointless: the Chicken Sandwich or UConn football?

Don’t Watch This; Watch That: Week 4’s Guide to the College Football Schedule

Week 3 College Football Viewing Guide: How to Survive a Hurricane

Don't Watch This; Watch That, Week 3: Get Drunk at a Northwestern-Duke Tailgate

Was the Redbox Bowl the worst Big Ten bowl game ever? Week 2 College Football Viewing Guide

Was the Redbox Bowl the assiest bowl game to go defunct in the modern era?

DWT;WT Week 1: Clemson-Georgia is a Waste of Time

Not only is Clemson-Georgia over-hyped, it's meaningless. So is Alabama-Miami. Here's what you should watch instead.

State Fair food or UConn Football: What makes you sicker? A Week 0 Guide to College Football

A Silver Spade! A Brass Spittoon! BRET BIELEMA! We’re back, baby.

DWT;WT: Ohio State-Michigan, Big Ten Basketball Open Thread

Just kind of slapping together all the articles I didn’t write this last week, with some help from my friends.

Remember when Nebraska won bowl games? the New Cheez-It, Alamo Bowl Previews and Thread

One bowl game couldn’t be weirder, the other...well, it’s at the Alamo.

DWT;WT, Bowl Game Open Thread: The Christmas Movies I’ve Watched in 2020

Your Christmas Sports Viewing Guide: Bowl Games, College Hoops, and More for December 24-26

DWT;WT, Championship Week: An Ode to the BK Lounge

They paved paradise and put up a mixed-use development.

DWT;WT, Week 15: When is it our turn to win?

We’re working through some stuff today.

Do They Shoot Dead Horses? DWT;WT, Week 14 Open Thread

Rescinding the Equal Rights Amendment, or Iowa-Illinois? Works both ways, to be honest.


This week, we introduce the newest Division 1 football and basketball programs, word, there’s some terrifying shit here.

DWT;WT, Week 12: My Year in an Evanston Brothel

Previewing the week in college football and examining the stupidest among us in Evanston, Illinois.


This week we’re taking your calls, Keith from Goshen.

Springtime for Stalin, Reds over Wisconsin: Week 9 College Football Schedule

Back when Wisconsinites only had to FEAR Big Gubmint ruining their lives!

Destination Name: Biggest Blowouts in College Gameday History

Really Long Destination Name ahead.

DWT;WT: Acknowledge the Land

And once you've done that, rank the Chants.

Get in the car, we’re going to Rapid City: DWT;WT, Week 6

From a New Deal stadium to whatever the hell is happening in Houston, we’ve got you covered.



Midwestern Socialists and Week 4 College Football: That’s what OTE does?

Let’s play spot the Socialists! You start in Gas City, I’ll start in Minot, and we’ll meet at Red Cloud.

$120 and three layovers to Jonesboro: DWT;WT, Week 3

From Essential Air Service to the BATTLE FOR THE PALLADIUM...we got a little off topic this week.

Smallpox and Influenza and Nebraska Leaving Its Conference: DWT;WT, Week 2

In which we say bad things about football "returning" and nice things about the University of Michigan. We’re concerned for us, too.

DWT;WT Week 1: What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Housing in Minneapolis, a recap of me doing weird things around the Twin Cities, and some Aussie Rules Football. That’s what you’re here for, right? Not college football? ...OK, there’s a Paint Bucket Bowl, too. I KNOW, RIGHT?

Army, Navy, and Everything Else: DWT;WT Bonus Edition

St. Cloud State and Minnesota-Crookston drop football, and we wonder what’s next.

College Football Championship Weekend Viewing Guide, Plus: Did you know there’s a Mineral Water Bowl?

We invent a bowl game, reflect on MACtion and Mountain West After Dark, and more.

Rethinking Rivalries and Route 66: Your Guide to the Week 14 College Football Schedule

On the road again—at a rival’s home, or on the way to a slice of Americana?

Would you rather rake leaves or watch Minnesota-Northwestern? Week 13 College Football Schedule and the Worst in Fall Chores

Plus, why being around Michigan fans is worse than cleaning out your gutters.

So your college football stadium is empty. What should you do? A Week 12 College Football Viewing Guide

The insanity that is West Virginia, the greatest triumph of Rutgers, and the storied rivalries of the Pacific Northwest.

Big Ten Week 11 Picks and Predictions

Two ranked matchups, two rivalry trophies. But did it have to be these two?

DWT;WT: Week 11 College Football Guide, and a 2007 “Hip-Hop Playlist,” as told by my wife

Suburban white girl playlists, DePaul non-conference basketball schedule analysis, and even Hawaii-San Jose State. What more could you want?

DWT;WT: Your Week 10 Guide to Halloween Recipes, Boomer Coaching Rants, and maybe even some College Football

Spooky Thursday blowouts, a random Saturday afternoon, and a wild late-night lineup this weekend. Come talk the games, Halloween plans and recipes, and more!

Don’t Watch This; Watch That: College Football Week 9 Schedule and the Best Nickname Changes

All* the nickname mistakes ever made, plus Keggy the Keg.


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