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Fall's Tarts

The weird, whimsical and wonderful moments of college football gathered every week by BigRedTwice

Fall’s Tarts Week 4: College Football Really Dropped The Ball On This One

The dumbest things that happened in our favorite sport this week

Fall’s Tarts Week 3: College Football Has Lost Its Composure

Connor Bazelak put on a show this week.

Fall’s Tarts Week 2: College Football is Not Going Back

Jayden de Laura Has Joined The Battle

Fall’s Tarts Week 1: College Football Forgot To Do Something Important

It feels like there was something else I meant to do.

Fall’s Tarts 2022 Week 0: An Entire Column About Nebraska Cornhuskers Football Doing Deeply Silly Things

Scott Frost earned this

College Football Is Working Remotely: Fall’s Tarts Week 12

We’re working through these unprecedented times.

Fall’s Tarts At The End Of The World: Week 11

You’d descend into madness staring into the end times too.

Fall’s Tarts Has Fallen And It Can’t Get Up

From the players to the broadcasts to security, fatigue is setting in all of a sudden

Fall’s Tarts Week 9: College Football Has Been In This Situation Before

If you’ve been a fool before, act like you’ve been there before!

Fall’s Tarts Week 8: College Football Just Can’t Get To Its Destination

Sometimes you get bogged down. Sometimes you get lost.

Tennessee, Ole Miss And Some Weird Coaches Headline Fall’s Tarts Week 7

Tough decisions all around this week

Fall’s Tarts Week 6: When College Football Is So Dumb It Leaves You Speechless

The weirdest things that happened last week!

The Whole College Football World Is The Big Ten: Fall’s Tarts Week 5

in the weight room. in the community. ON THE PRACTICE FIELD.

Big Ten Quarterback Fails Headline Fall’s Tarts from Week 4

Scott Frost and Bret Bielema continue their epic duel

Fall’s Tarts Week 3: College Football Grabs Reverse And Steps On It

When you try your best but you don’t succeed.

Fall’s Tarts Week 2: Let’s Make Everyone Super Uncomfortable

It’s Awkward Week

Fall’s Tarts Week 1: The Dumbest Executions In College Football

None of these are as dumb as my belief in my team but they’re more fun

Fall’s Tarts 2021 Week 0: An Entire Column About Nebraska Football Doing Deeply Silly Things

Scott Frost earned this.

Fall’s Tarts, Week 7: Back and Better than Ever!

We learn a lot about mask theories, and where not to eat nude sushi.

Fall’s Tarts, Week Five: Splat.

A series of unfortunate events and A NEW PANDEMIC!!!

Fall’s Tarts, Week Four: Blue Teams are Blue

And Captain Kirk Takes Pettiness Where No Man Has Gone Before

Fall’s Tarts, Week One: Journeys into the Improbable

Big Ten Football is back, and dumber than ever!

Fall’s Tarts: 2019 Tart Of The Year Top Three Countdown!

These three are surely immortal.

Fall’s Tarts: Tart of the Year Countdown, #6-4

Featuring an act of villainous desperation!

Falls Tarts: Tart of the Year Countdown, #10-#7

i’m floating away!

Fall’s Tarts: Tart of the Year Countdown, #15-11

Does anybody else smell burning?

Fall’s Tarts Presents: Tart of the Year 2019! Counting Down The 20 Dumbest Moments of the Big Ten Football Season!

Presenting #20 through #16!

Fall’s Tarts, Week 14: Rivalry Madness Edition!

An endzone peeing, shoe removing, stuck in the bushes weird time.

Fall’s Tarts, Week 13: Rutgers Cray Edition

Mega Bonus Super Black Friday Doorbuster Deals Tarts!

Fall’s Tarts, Week Eleven: Guess Who’s Back? Back Again!

Tragically, it isn’t Nebraska.

Fall’s Tarts, Week Nine: Boomer Coaches and Bad Football

Also, a pleasant sprinkling of hypocrisy!

Fall’s Tarts, Week 8: Wisconsin Edition

In which we examine some cheese tarts.


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