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Fall's Tarts

The weird, whimsical and wonderful moments of college football gathered every week by BigRedTwice

Fall’s Tarts Week 3: College Football Grabs Reverse And Steps On It

When you try your best but you don’t succeed.

Fall’s Tarts Week 2: Let’s Make Everyone Super Uncomfortable

It’s Awkward Week

Fall’s Tarts Week 1: The Dumbest Executions In College Football

None of these are as dumb as my belief in my team but they’re more fun

Fall’s Tarts 2021 Week 0: An Entire Column About Nebraska Football Doing Deeply Silly Things

Scott Frost earned this.

Fall’s Tarts, Week 7: Back and Better than Ever!

We learn a lot about mask theories, and where not to eat nude sushi.

Fall’s Tarts, Week Five: Splat.

A series of unfortunate events and A NEW PANDEMIC!!!

Fall’s Tarts, Week Four: Blue Teams are Blue

And Captain Kirk Takes Pettiness Where No Man Has Gone Before

Fall’s Tarts, Week One: Journeys into the Improbable

Big Ten Football is back, and dumber than ever!

Fall’s Tarts: 2019 Tart Of The Year Top Three Countdown!

These three are surely immortal.

Fall’s Tarts: Tart of the Year Countdown, #6-4

Featuring an act of villainous desperation!

Falls Tarts: Tart of the Year Countdown, #10-#7

i’m floating away!

Fall’s Tarts: Tart of the Year Countdown, #15-11

Does anybody else smell burning?

Fall’s Tarts Presents: Tart of the Year 2019! Counting Down The 20 Dumbest Moments of the Big Ten Football Season!

Presenting #20 through #16!

Fall’s Tarts, Week 14: Rivalry Madness Edition!

An endzone peeing, shoe removing, stuck in the bushes weird time.

Fall’s Tarts, Week 13: Rutgers Cray Edition

Mega Bonus Super Black Friday Doorbuster Deals Tarts!

Fall’s Tarts, Week Eleven: Guess Who’s Back? Back Again!

Tragically, it isn’t Nebraska.

Fall’s Tarts, Week Nine: Boomer Coaches and Bad Football

Also, a pleasant sprinkling of hypocrisy!

Fall’s Tarts, Week 8: Wisconsin Edition

In which we examine some cheese tarts.

Fall’s Tarts, Week Six: The Game That No One Would Win

Also, Mick McCall finds he has only one remaining supporter in the world—lucky for him, it’s his boss.

Fall’s Tarts, Week Five: Shutout City

In which we say goodbye to a series regular :(

Fall’s Tarts: It’s Michigan’s Time To Shine!

The Mitten State claims Top Tart Honors for the Second Straight Week!

Fall’s Tarts, Week Three: Mark Dantonio Special Edition

To East Lansing, With Love

Fall’s Tarts, Week Two: The Pride of All Nebraska

Not the best-ever weekend of football, really.

Fall’s Tarts, Week One: The Silly, the Stupid, and the Stunningly Weird of the Big Ten

It’s Purdue’s world, and the rest of us are just living in it.

Fall’s Tarts, Week Seven: The Silly, the Stupid, and the Stunningly Weird of the Big Ten

Good news for people who love bad football


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