B1G Humpday Shot


It's one coaching contract, Michael. What could it cost? Ten dollars?

B1G Tuesday Shot


We're in day 2 of Brohm Watch 2022. Louisville fans claim to have sources that say he is heading their way and the announcement will come by Wednesday. Purdue fans claim to have sources that differ, saying that the announcement will be much much sooner.

-my twitter feed

B1G Monday Shot


Hell I dunno. happy advent? When’s st Nicholas day? Is that today?

Def not calendars

B1G Friday Fanshot


I always have this song in my mind when I am getting on an early morning flight.

Michigan's Mazi Smith allowed to play despite felony weapons charge


Where is the leadership in Ann Arbor calling for this guy to get suspended?

B1G Thursday Fanshot


Give me your lazy, your procrastinators, your bored masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched time thieves of your teeming shore.


B1G Wednesday Fanshot


Ugh. Fine.

-Me, also everyone.

B1G Tuesday Fanshot



Lionel Richie, among others

Back to work fanshot


Time to go back to work (or school) grumble grumble