B1G Wednesday shot


"Wednesday, March 22 Cosmo had an idea!"


B1G Tuesday Fanshot


Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday

The Rolling Stones

B1G Monday Shot


At least I'll have more time for my books.

non Michigan State B1G fans.

B1G Friday Fanshot


Game day

Fans of MSU, Purdue, and Indiana

B1G Thor's Round of 64 Shot


Great win guys. Now let's get some rest because we're about to get our asses blasted on Friday!

Apparently what Purdue twitter expected FDU's coach to say to his team.

B1G March Madness Shot


Let it be decided now

Weekly or Daily

B1G Friday Shot


There will come a day when there is not a daily Fanshot

It is not this day

Wednesday Bee One Gee Fanshot


Third time's a charm

I don't know, Coral, probably