B1G March Madness Shot


Let it be decided now

Weekly or Daily

B1G Friday Shot


There will come a day when there is not a daily Fanshot

It is not this day

Wednesday Bee One Gee Fanshot


Third time's a charm

I don't know, Coral, probably

B1G Wednesday Fanshot


Better late than never

Famous last words

B1G Squeakyfouls Tournament Shot


Sure am glad my team's not playing today

Fans of 10 teams

B1G Tuesday Shot


The B1G Tournament: It's like the real tournament, but with B1G teams in the Final Four.

Dick Vitale

B1G Monday Shot


Curse words

Ellie from The Last of Us

B1G Outright Friday Fanshot


You all knew this title was coming since half the 'shotters are bots these days.


B1G Thursday Fanshot


And like that, *poof*, [Northwestern basketball hype]'s gone.

Verbal Kint