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Friday Hate

On Fridays during our summer team previews we showcase our hate of the school of the week

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Is There a Penn State-Maryland Reversible Jacket?

Northwestern Football is Just a Broke-Down Farm Stand

In the age of NIL, if you can’t compete you are a farm team

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People Forget.

(He's also an asshole!)


Or: How OSU Became the Shortest Giant in CFB

Ohio State: Future Mid-Tier SEC Program

Softest Schedule in the Big Ten and Talking Trash

Northwestern Hate

We must do better

Just Secede Already, Indiana

We’ve already taken the fifteen seconds necessary to make our peace with it.

Say it with me: “We earn. Your hate.”

Nittany Lion? More like Paper Tiger.

The Upstairs Apartment: An Absolutely* True** Story in One Act

*not **(-ly satirical)

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THE Only S*y Universe

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Obligatory Northwestern Hate Piece

The Only Reason You Don’t Hate Pat Fitzgerald Is Because Northwestern Football Still Doesn’t Matter

Northwestern is the ultimate shield from criticism.

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Introducing Your Rutgwestern Wildcats!

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Mythigan Football - The Fraud of Sporting Frauds

Why Do We Hate Penn State?

It’s all your fault. Not that other guy over there or that Twitter egg tweeting at recruits—it’s YOU.

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Iowa: The Best Team to Never Matter

Batman42 brings the hate to the Hawkeyes

Welcome Home

Everyone loves them some Hawkeyes!

How much do you SPARTY KNOW?

Relieving all those moments that made us go "SPARTY, NO!"

PJ Fleck ruined everything

No more manufactured hate.

Minnesota is a Football School Now

And that’s sad. Also fuck Minnesota.

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Oh, Good God! Fine, We’ll Hate Maryland

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Apparently, We Don't Hate You Maryland

Indiana Football is Destined for Greatness

Some say that IU football is a joke. Smart people like me say that it will soon be a dominant force unlike any other in the history of college football.

Nebraska’s Corn is Pathetic and Impotent

Do you even farm, bro?

Nebraska Football isn’t Just a Has Been... It’s a Never Was

And Marching Band Twirlers are Awful

Could you just be terrible QUIETLY, Illinois?

Give up the invented controversy, move on with your lives, and just get back to losing games like God intended.

Just say no to Rutgers!

Rutgers football in the Big Ten is a massive mistake.

I give up: Why do YOU hate Nebraska?

MNW has a terrible idea.

I love Rutgers // B1G 2018

Help yourself to multiple Flying Fish beers (or an equivalent libation from one of the Garden State’s fine breweries), a fat sandwich (I take no position on Pork Roll vs Taylor Ham) , and let met tell you about my newfound love of the Scarlet Knights from afar.

Appreciating Minnesota Football || B1G 2018

Grab a cup of coffee, a couple more bars, and prepare to make pleasant conversation about the Gophers.

An Uneasy Peace With My Wolverine Brethren

Michigan is a wretched hive of scum and villainy

We hate wisconsin

you suck, you rose bowl losing cheese obsessed incompetent jerks


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