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Illinois Fighting Illini Men’s Basketball Season Preview: Still A Big Ten Title Contender In 2021-22

Kofi Cockburn and Andre Curbelo provide a chance at the title

ILLINUTGERS VIII: Wake Up, Big Ten. Wake Up, College Football. It’s Illinutgers Week.

The only game that ever matters is almost upon us.

Illinois Football Hired Tim Beckman Again


At Least You Can Always Count On Illinois Football Never Changing

Feel like I’ve been here before

Closing Arguments: Illinois and the Promising 2-10 Season

Not all 2-10 seasons are created equal

B1G 2021, Illinois Potluck #3: Can Bret Bielema survive Year 1?

Why central Illinois and the Illinois schedule presents a heart attack in waiting for the man in charge of the ILL Family or whatever it’s called

In Memoriam: Lovie Smith, Illinois Fighting Illini Football Head Coach 2016-2020

At last the Lovie Smith era gets a proper tribute

B1G 2021: The recipe for hating Illinois

Take 2 cups of consistently making the B1G look bad in big moments, mix in equal parts delusion and self-hatred freshly squeezed from fans, add a dollop of pathos, and stir

B1G 2021 // Does this Fighting Illini football roster have the potential for greatness with good coaching?

Raising more questions than answers on Off Talkle Empire

B1G 2021 // Is Bret Bielema The Beacon Of Basic Competence That Illinois Fighting Illini Football Needs?

A panel of experts debate the merits going into Year 1 of the ReBERTh

B1G 2021, Potluck #2: Dubious Claims and EXCITING ILLINI TRANSFER NEWS

Will Artur Sitkowski be the King of Diamonds, or the Horseradish Capital of the Upper Midwest? This is a real question people are asking.

Illinois Coaching Fails

Let me tell you why we suck.

Illinois Football New Schemes

What will the Fighting Bielemas look like this Fall?

Illinois Potluck #1: Bret Bielema’s idea of a salad?

"Buckle in, but I’m saying Bielema is the best coaching hire of the offseason" is a real sentence in this preview. Also, a pea-and-mayo salad.

B1G 2021 // Illinois Fighting Illini Football Cocktail Party Preview for the Meme of the West

Admit it, you only follow Illinois for the memes and the dicktrip futures market

You know what? I’m ready to celebrate Illinois Basketball again

A literal banner year deserves some celebration

Catching Up with Big Ten Volleyball

A sport we can actually be proud of.

B1G Power Poll, Post-Season: Mask Styles

Masks: A Blessing for Iowa Fans Since 2020

Illinois Hammers Michigan

Ayo Dosunmu Is An Immortal Assassin The Likes Of Which I’ve Never Seen

The Illinois Fighting Illini are powered by pure magic

FIRE(D) DRILL: Lovie Smith out, more hiring and firing speculation from across college football

We look at the less-new-now Illinois vacancy and a few others from around college football.

VideOTE Games: Illinois Fighting Illini Virtual Roster Ratings Review


Building to the 2020 Illinois Fighting Illini Football Season: A Retrospective

How did we get here, what worked and what didn’t?

B1G 2020: Illinois Cocktail Party Preview

The best Fighting Illini squad since 2007?

Can Illinois Fighting Illini Football Drunkenly Stumble To A Winning 2020 Record?

What’s the goal here in 2020 Sports Hell?

After Seven Years, Illinois Assistant Coach Jamall Walker Is On The Verge of Being Brought to Justice

There’s no statute of limitations for what Walker has done. #Justice2Jamall

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take These Takes! Northwestern, Illinois and Maryland Basketball Previews

Better late than never

The Unofficial OTE Guide To Dealing With Sub-Mediocrity: Illinois Edition

How bad are things when you get genuine pity from Illini football fans?

Lovie Smith Is A Huge Disaster: The Theme Song For 2019 Illinois Fighting Illini Football

Presenting a new anthem for Illini Football

Lovie Smith Fired as Defensive Coordinator by Illinois Fighting Illini Head Coach Lovie Smith

Another defensive meltdown precipitated changes in the coaching staff

Illinois Fighting Illini Football Closing Arguments 2019: Are They A Big Ten Football Team Yet?

Are there finally seven teams in the Big Ten West?

Kinds of Pie, Ranked

Illinois Potluck #5


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