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B1G 2023: Indiana Final Predictions

I predict the Bloomington liquor stores will do just fine.

B1G 2023: The Indiana Defense

...lotta new faces here. SIT DOWN A-A-RON.

B1G 2023: The Indiana Hoosiers Offensive Offense

This offense may be offensive.

B1G 2023: Indiana and the Familiar Feeling of Pessimism

If you’re looking for optimism, we’re fresh out of that. Zuzu used it all on Rutgers week.

Indiana Basketball 2022-2023 Autopsy: Expectations, Uncomfortable Truths, and A Legend Leaves

A legend leaves, and we are all wondering who picks up the pieces.

Michigan Falls to Indiana in Season Finale | Looks to Bounce Back in Big Ten Tournament

Closing Arguments 2022: Will the Real Indiana Please Stand Up?

Ugh...I don’t have warm and fuzzies about this.

B1G 2022 // Indiana Week: Why I hate Indiana and you should too

No, I’m serious. You should hate these guys not pity them

2022 Record Predictions with More Gravy, Please: Indiana Potluck #4

All the better to help you swallow a 4-8 season!

Can the Indiana Hoosiers Rebound From a Nightmare? Why is Our Podcast So Nice To Them?

BuffKomodo joins us for a State Of The Program(s)

Is Southern Indiana in the Midwest? Is there a better looking coach than Walt Bell? // Indiana Potluck #3

Because the world isn’t fair, grab a fried biscuit and come argue about some things.

Is Indiana to blame for Cincinnati Chili? Hoosier Potluck Preview #2

All the regional cringe you can handle, from Bourbon Barrels to Cincinnati Chili to a modest proposal featuring Iowa State more disgusting than anything featuring noodles in meat sauce.

Piss, Vinegar, Love Each Other, and Mangoes: Indiana Potluck #1

A regional misunderstanding yields you pickles when you expected fruit, and a misunderstanding in whether Indiana was actually good might’ve cost you some money in 2021.

B1G 2022 // Indiana Hoosier Football Cocktail Party Preview

Look who’s back, back, back, back again, ‘gain, ‘ the bottom....

Michigan Falls to Indiana in Big Ten Tourney

In Juwan Howard’s return to the bench, Michigan surrendered a 17-point second half lead in losing to Indiana.

Performance Review: Sad Times at Indiana High

My first reflection on the year thanks to MNW and boy did it suck.

2021- 2022 Indiana Basketball Preview: New Year, New Coach, New Results?

Surely it can’t be as bad as last year.

Closing Arguments: No Time Like the Present for Indiana, Because the Past Sucks

It’s put up or shut up time.

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What's success for Mike Woodson and Indiana hoops?

New FOTP BuffKomodo with a rant and some thoughts on the future of Hoosiers basketball.

Can the Indiana Hoosiers Actually Improve On Last Year’s Fever Dream Of A Season?

It’s not as far-fetched as you might think

Just Secede Already, Indiana

We’ve already taken the fifteen seconds necessary to make our peace with it.

2021 Indiana Record Predictions: The Most Interesting Schedule in the Big Ten

Grab a frosty mug of Southern Indiana’s finest and let’s toast the most interesting schedule in the Big Ten.

Indiana Potluck #2: I-69, Brain, and Penix THIS IS A MATURE BLOG, YOU GO HOME

We head down I-69 and marvel at how football is a game of inches.

B1G 2021: Indiana’s Coaching Changes: Deland McCullough Returns, and Charlton Warren Arrives

Indiana Potluck #1: Do we buy what Tom Allen is selling? Indiana actually becoming a football school?

B1G 2021: Indiana Hoosiers 2020 Recap and 2021 Preview

Waiting is the hardest part.

Catching Up with Big Ten Volleyball

A sport we can actually be proud of.

B1G Power Poll, Post-Season: Mask Styles

Masks: A Blessing for Iowa Fans Since 2020

Outback Bowl Preview: Indiana Hoosiers vs. Ole Miss Rebels (probably?)

B1G 2020: Indiana Is Once Again Asking for an Actual Upset Win

VideOTEGames: Reviewing the Indiana Roster

The Upstairs Apartment: An Absolutely* True** Story in One Act

*not **(-ly satirical)


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