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I Scored As Many Points As Jordan Bohannon In Sunday’s Big Ten Finale

The Iowa super-duper-senior met his ME

Can Iowa punt their way to an 11th win? A Citrus Bowl Preview

Iowa meets Kentucky in Orlando for ALLLLL the Citrus.

Michigan Captures Big Ten Championship

Michigan’s season of redemption continues with a Big Ten championship and a berth in the college football playoff.

Big Ten Championship Game Picks, Predictions, Previews

Iowa or Michigan? Black or Blue? Gold or Maize Shitty Yellow or Equally Shitty Yellow? We help you pick it here:

The Iowa Football Wave in the Time of COVID: Hypocritical at Best

Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Hate My Fellow Fans

Hawkeye Elvis on Iowa Football in 2021

Our bedazzled bon vivant feels good about the 2021 Hawkeyes season...with a couple glaring exceptions?

The Eternal Iowa Hawkeyes Football Question: Eight Wins Or Nine?

Stick around to discuss where Fran goes from here

Lord almighty does Iowa suck

No subhead: Iowa is just shitty, even when good.

Iowa Potluck #4: What happens when you let Iowans invent things

No, Iowans, you don’t have to leave the state. Since you’ve fused with your couch, we’ll bring the food to you.

Iowa Potluck #3: MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT (and also defense)

How has the Iowa defense been SO good for SO long?

BREAKING! Conference Realignment!

Could Iowa State get a Big Ten invitation during conference realignment?

Iowa Potluck #2: The Hawkeye Offense is One Big University Heights Speed Trap

In which the Iowa Offensive Experience is like driving across the entire state with a University Heights cop tailing you.


Just kidding, it’s Iowa stuff.

Potluck #1: Smell that? It’s Iowa Football.

Head down the I-380 corridor—at a reasonable speed, please—and let’s grab a whiff of the Hawkeyes ahead of 2021.

Elvis Sightings: One Hawkeye still in action in Indianapolis

Our intrepid correspondent find one Iowa Hawkeye still balling in Indianapolis...

Catching Up with Big Ten Volleyball

A sport we can actually be proud of.

Elvis Sightings: The Agony (and Bourbon) of Defeat

Oh, the hangover.

Elvis Sightings: Dispatches from the NCAA Tournament, IOWA WINS Edition

A Hawkeyes win, some Charles Barkley beef, and a Rutgers Shiny Jacket Guy sighting! Living large with The King in Indy...

B1G Power Poll, Post-Season: Mask Styles

Masks: A Blessing for Iowa Fans Since 2020

Elvis Sightings: Reports from the Big Ten Tournament, Now With More ONIONS!

A mannequin in a Ryan Kriener jersey drinking at an Indianapolis bar. Normal things at the Big Ten Tournament when Hawkeye Elvis is involved!

Double Feature! Iowa Hawkeyes Basketball Is A Big Ten Title Contender! Minnesota Is Not So Much!


The Holiest of High Holy B1G Holidays


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PIP Week: Chuck Long/Shocking Revelation Edition

Esteemed* reader** Hollywood Hawk Hogan shares his memory for OTE's Places I've Puked Week. Take a trip down memory lane with the 1985 Iowa Hawkeyes -- and be prepared for an ending that may shake your faith in humanity.

Michigan vs Iowa: Hawkeyes Take Aim at Wolverines

A physical Iowa team will test Michigan this weekend in Ann Arbor.

Iowa Closing Arguments: Best in the West

If Ferentz wants to keep it in the family, handing over the keys after what looks to potentially be a great season would be a great time to do it.

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Iowa: The Best Team to Never Matter

Batman42 brings the hate to the Hawkeyes

Welcome Home

Everyone loves them some Hawkeyes!

Off Talkle Empire Struggles To Make 2019 Iowa Football Compelling // B1G 2019

We’ve reached steady-state conditions

Better Know an Iowa Icon: Meet Hawkeye Elvis!

The man, the myth, the bejeweled legend squeezes his 6’6" frame into the interview chair to tell us about life as one of the most visible Hawkeye fans.

Quiz Time! Name every Iowa Hawkeye to register a punt under Kirk Ferentz.

Every. Single. Punt.

That familiar smell of 8-4: Iowa Record Predictions

Every few years it’ll be Crunch Berry Day in Cedar Rapids, but more often than not you’re getting the same lumpy bowl of oatmeal. We talk familiar smells, familiar opponents, and familiar record predictions for the Hawkeyes.

Better Know a B1G Blog: Black Heart Gold Pants

Thoughts on the reign of Gary Barta and Kirk Ferentz, where to tailgate in Iowa City, and why fall weddings are basically a terrorist act—it must be one of the most irreverent Iowa blogs out there.


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