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Iowa's Path to 25ppg - Week 3

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Iowa's Path to 25ppg - Visualizing Week 2

It''s not looking good.

Victory Begins at Home: War, Football, and the 1943 Iowa Pre-Flight Seahawks

In Advance of the Cy-Hawk, an Homage to the State of Iowa’s Best Team Ever

Week 1: B1G Early Game Thread

First look at the new Iowa Offense

What AI Can Tell Us About Iowa’s 2023 Football Record

What wonders will tech produce next?

Who Hates Iowa?

Answer: None of you do more than I hate us myself.

The Casual’s Guide to Iowa Football in 2023: Let’s Meet Some Dudes

Want to know what’s going on with the Hawkeyes, but don’t have enough time to get super into it this year? Here’s some guys to name drop and convince your friends that you bleed black and gold.

Portal Power: A Preview of Iowa’s Depth Chart

The Hawkeyes have had a lot of turnover in the portal this year. They’ve added some proven starters, but outgoing players have hurt their depth in some key positions.

How Low is the Bar? Choose Your Own Brian Ferentz Adventure!!!

We don’t even have to make stuff up; just look at past Iowa seasons.

2023 Iowa Hawkeyes Football Preview: Can the Transfer Portal Save Brian Ferentz’s Job?

Iowa has landed some big name transfers in the off season as the Fightin’ Ferentzes set out to prove that the offensive woes of the last 3 years have been a skill, and not a scheme, issue.

On Iowa-LSU and Taunting: NCAA Women’s Basketball National Championship Recap

What was unexpectedly the Jasmine Carson Show tuned into...well, a bunch of old white dudes on the Internet being angry. Which sucks.

Iowa Football Fans Desperately Hoping Latest Coaching Hire Gives Them Way Out Of Brian Ferentz

Hawkeye Nation is back in the bargaining stage

All the Wrong Opt-Outs (but Tight End Read-Options?): A Music City Bowl Preview

Where "opt-outs" include our three Iowa writers but not Brian Ferentz. So...uh...

Sins of the Father: Kirk Ferentz Chooses Nepotism Over Success

By protecting his son’s career, he’s proven he can no longer be trusted to lead Iowa Football

Breaking News: 2022 Iowa Playbook Found at Mar-a-Lago in Classified Document Stack (satire)

Breaking News out of the Empire—no word on if the Cy-Hawk game will continue as scheduled. (Because it will, you idiots, because this is satire.)

When you think about it, safeties should be worth more than two points

By Kurt Nefertz

Brian Ferentz Promoted to University President To Avoid Having to Fire Him

The move was deemed "a way easier conversation than having him fired" by the athletic director

Iowa Closing Arguments 2022 // Can The Hawkeyes Finally Field An Average Offense and Become Unstoppable?

Or is this finally the year where the singularity happens and Iowa’s defense scores more points than the offense?

Iowa is the Most Chickenshit Team in the Big Ten: 2022 Hawkeyes Football Record Predictions

Hop in the coop and start shovelin’, boys! It’s a long way to Ames!

Call It A Hunch: Iowa Hawkeyes Football Will Win Around 8 Games In 2022

With great linebacker play and anemic, plodding offense

An Environmentally Conscious Look At The Iowa Hawkeyes 2022 Defense

B1G 2022: The Iowa Offense, I guess?

Why do we even have to do this?

Iowa Hawkeyes Tractor Pull and Cocktail Party Preview // B1G 2022

The more things change in Iowa City...

I Scored As Many Points As Jordan Bohannon In Sunday’s Big Ten Finale

The Iowa super-duper-senior met his ME

Can Iowa punt their way to an 11th win? A Citrus Bowl Preview

Iowa meets Kentucky in Orlando for ALLLLL the Citrus.

Michigan Captures Big Ten Championship

Michigan’s season of redemption continues with a Big Ten championship and a berth in the college football playoff.

Big Ten Championship Game Picks, Predictions, Previews

Iowa or Michigan? Black or Blue? Gold or Maize Shitty Yellow or Equally Shitty Yellow? We help you pick it here:

The Iowa Football Wave in the Time of COVID: Hypocritical at Best

Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Hate My Fellow Fans

Hawkeye Elvis on Iowa Football in 2021

Our bedazzled bon vivant feels good about the 2021 Hawkeyes season...with a couple glaring exceptions?

The Eternal Iowa Hawkeyes Football Question: Eight Wins Or Nine?

Stick around to discuss where Fran goes from here

Lord almighty does Iowa suck

No subhead: Iowa is just shitty, even when good.

Iowa Potluck #4: What happens when you let Iowans invent things

No, Iowans, you don’t have to leave the state. Since you’ve fused with your couch, we’ll bring the food to you.


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