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Well...bye, Kevin Warren.

Analysis: Kevin Warren leaves Big Ten to become CEO and Team President of the Chicago Bears

PODCAST: 5 OTE Writers Try To Digest USC & UCLA

The future has arrived and it’s both wacky and practical

Brad Underwood Is The Basketball Coach The Illinois Fighting Illini Need

A Bradical Departure

Kirk Ferentz signs new contract - NOT SATIRE


Michigan and Notre Dame to Renew Historic Rivalry

The home-and-home series will reportedly begin in 2018.

B1G East: Soon, the toughest in college football?

Laugh all you want, but the East division has four of the best coach/recruiter/developers of talent in the game today. Buckle your chin straps, kids.

Big Ten 2013-2014 Basketball Conference Schedule

The Big Ten released the conference schedule for the 2013-2014 season...a day before football. OMG FOOTBALL.