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Opt-Outs, Unsportsmanlike Penalties, and...Mayo? A Maryland/Duke’s Mayo Bowl Preview

For all the mayo!

The King of the Dipshits Returns: Maryland’s Mediocre Again!

Wisconsin runs all over the Terps and maybe it’s not "September Maryland" that’s the answer but "November Maryland" that’s the problem...

Maryland beats Michigan State—are the Terps actually good?

Buy stock in Maryland’s kicker, and...well, we’ll learn more this weekend?

Survive and Advance: Michigan Turns Back Maryland

Michigan Welcomes Maryland – and the Big Ten Season

Michigan enters Big Ten play undefeated and flying high. But how much do we really know about the Wolverines?

Undisciplined and (Mostly) Untested, September Maryland Enters Big Ten Play

Can the Terps overcome mountains of penalties and the inability to cover ace wide receivers once the calendar turns to March? Larry looks at the 3-0 Terps’ latest triumph.

Maryland 56, Charlotte 21: In-Game Adjustments and a Potent...DEFENSE?!

A Maryland conspiracy theory, some love for Brian Williams, and whether the Terps can take the next step against Purdue and Penn State:

Maryland beats Buffalo, 31-10: Yawn, the Terps march on

On march the Terps, with special teams cleaned up but discipline and other questions lurking.

Is it the Terps’ turn to have a 2020 Indiana moment? 2022 Maryland Closing Arguments

Can the Terps finally have their 2020 Indiana moment?

Maryland Basketball During Maryland Football Week // Kevin Willard: Bald Turge or Pitino-Lite?

That’s right, it’s not Turtle Time unless there’s some hoops talk.

2022 Maryland Season Predictions: Old Bay or JO? Does it matter?

An interesting non-con means you can float the Terps anywhere from 4 to 8 wins and no one would bat an eye, right?

Can Maryland Terrapins Football Take A Step Forward, or Is This As Good As It Gets?

1. High end croots 2. High end croots 3. ?????

Maryland: All the National Champions You’re Not Talking About

How bad has the Big Ten been in lacrosse, and how has Maryland thrived in the conference?

BYU, Bearcats, or Barcelona: Where should Maryland look for its next coach? (Now with 50% less Pitino!)

Maryland Basketball Coaching Search: Leading Candidates, Rumors, and Rick Pitino

“Unqualified success” or “King of the dipshits”? 2021 Maryland Football Performance Review

Plus, what we can expect from the Terps in 2022.

Maryland and the Reverse Coaching Hot Seat: From the Best to the Worst Ideas

Who should the Terrapins hire as their next head coach? Running through the options.

“Maryland is the perfect addition to the Big Ten”: A Pinstripe Bowl Recap

Plus, why Maryland is the perfect addition to the Big Ten.

“Virginia Tech is basically Rutgers”: A Maryland Pinstripe Bowl Preview

An old ACC showdown, and all Larry can talk about is...Rutgers?

What went wrong for Turge at Maryland: Terps Basketball Fans = Penn State Fans?

Or is it assistant coach salaries and a conniving AD?

RAPID REACTION: Mark Turgeon fired by Maryland. What went wrong? Who do the Terps hire next?

Looking at what went wrong for Mark Turgeon at Maryland, speculating about who the Terps hire next, and considering if another Big Ten firing is on the way...

One Coach to Praise, Another to Fire: How Maryland Beat Rutgers

Time to fire a coach and go to a bowl game, evidently?

Maryland Basketball Preview: Is this Mark Turgeon’s best team yet—in a put up or shut up year?

A bevy of transfers and a chance to make a splash in the non-conference could mean big things for Mark Turgeon’s club.

Maryland Recap: After a close loss, where does Mike Locksley go from here?

Join Larry for a look at the Terps' narrow loss, whether they can ever be sufficiently B1G, and how they can keep up with Michigan State.

Maryland wins—and their projected win total drops: An Indiana Recap

Despite a season-saving win over Indiana, we’re revising our expectations of the Terps downward...

Maryland-Minnesota Recap: Mike Locksley’s Program is Broken

Same as it ever was: on a Kinder Bueno commercial and the wheels falling off in College Park.

Ugh. Ohio State bombs Maryland by 40+. Again.

...but 7-5 is still in play?

2019 All Over Again: Maryland Rolled by Hawkeyes

Six Hawkeyes interceptions yield a #3 rating for Iowa and the familiar sinking feeling for Maryland.

Terps down Flashes, but problems remain in Maryland? Kent State Recap, Iowa Preview

Maryland’s 4-0 and headed into Friday night lights with a ranked Big Ten opponent. What could go wrong?

Old Bay is for Closers: Maryland, Good Coaching, and a 3-0 Start

Coaching has made all the difference in College Park, as the Terps are 3-0 and cruising.

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Maryland and Big Ten Volleyball...from an Expert?!

Reader and one time Maryland club volleyballer denton8er, here to drop some B1G volleyball knowledge on you.

Come for the paycheck, stay for the Go-Go: A Maryland-Howard Recap

Larry31 doing the Lord’s work by educating us all on the latest Terp triumph—and finding something more exciting than a 62-0 pasting.

Talented Terps Becoming B1G? Maryland-West Virginia Recap, with 4-0 in Sight

Analyzing Maryland’s in-game adjustments and big play potential from their rivalry win over West Virginia.


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