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Around the Midwest

PODCAST: 5 OTE Writers Try To Digest USC & UCLA

The future has arrived and it’s both wacky and practical

Breweries I’ve Been To, Beers I’ve Had: February 2020

Filling Monday space with a little chat about breweries I’ve visited recently. Where have you been lately?

Mailbag and Friday Open Thread: Who’s Big Ten Coach of the Year?

Plus: When satellite schools eclipse the flagship, should Chase Young be a Heisman candidate, and more.

Better Know a B1G Blog: Bucky’s 5th Quarter

Meet the folks responsible for bringing you all the hottest takes on Wisconsin football, basketball, and beer!

That familiar smell of 8-4: Iowa Record Predictions

Every few years it’ll be Crunch Berry Day in Cedar Rapids, but more often than not you’re getting the same lumpy bowl of oatmeal. We talk familiar smells, familiar opponents, and familiar record predictions for the Hawkeyes.

Mailbag, Pt. 3: Who’s on the Big Ten Mount Rushmore?

The manager of this site keeps cracking the whip.

Mailbag, Pt. 2: All Things AMERICA!

Time to light off a few fireworks, crack another beer, and put on some MURICAH-themed music.

Hot Dog Condiments, Midwestern Salads, and Fourth of July Beers, Ranked: MAILBAG ANSWERS

Pushing the boundaries of salads, figuring out how to top our hot dogs, and eventually just getting drunk and shooting off fireworks because no one can agree.

Kinds of Pie, Ranked

Illinois Potluck #5

What D-III and small-school games did you grow up watching?

A trip down memory lane and a fly-over of the Midwest’s other biggest games.

Let’s vent about all this snow.

Come vent about snow and driving.

Welcome to the Curling Curner

Let’s talk about Curling

What are the appropriate chili fixings? Finally, the debate settled.


Around the Midwest: Get Your Chili Hot!

It’s like, 20 below zero and you need something to warm you up. So let’s talk chili.

My Weird Midwest Travel Bucket List

Walking across a frozen lake to get to Canada? Flying into some random airport in northern Nebraska? What are the weird things on your Midwestern bucket list? MNW offers some of his: