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NCAA Tournament 2015

Duke wins another National Title

We had 2 teams in the Final Four, but now it's time for Spring Football!

Basketball Championship Gamethread

On Wisconsin! It's time to take home another Championship!

For the National Title: Wisconsin vs Duke Preview

Can Wisconsin avenge the early season loss and bring home the National Title?

Final Four Gamethread: Sparty, then Wisconsin

Can anyone beat Kentucky? Who can stop Justise Winslow? Come talk Final Four on the big night.

The 2015 Final Four Potluck

Featuring questions and answers about the teams, the conference, the matchups, and the picks. A veritable smorgasbord for all!

Elite 8 Sunday Gamethread

Watch basketball with us today

Elite 8 Saturday Gamethread

In what is becoming an annual game, Wisconsin takes on Arizona in the elite 8 (again)

The Essential Elite 8 Preview

We go region by region and break down how each of the 8 finalists got here and what they bring to the table.

Sweet Sixteen Friday Gamethread

We've got a fun evening of basketball capped off with MSU taking on Oklahoma. Watch it live with us at OTE!

Wisconsin defeats North Carolina, Advances to Elite 8

The Badgers took care of UNC, now the real fun begins

Sweet Sixteen Thursday Gamethread

We're halfway done with this year's tournament! Stick around and watch it with us here.

Round of 32 Results

MSU, Wisconsin advance to Sweet Sixteen

NCAA Tournament Round of 32 Sunday Gamethread

Onward to the Sweet Sixteen!

NCAA Tournament Round of 32 day 1 gamethread

It's been crazy so far!

NCAA Tournament First Round Friday Gamethread

Cheer on your team or your bracket with us at OTE!

NCAA Tournament First Round Thursday Gamethread

Cheer on your team or your bracket with us at OTE!

Indiana's Path to the Final Four

A little bit of luck, a lot of persistence, and maybe just maybe it'll happen.

Road to the Final Four: MSU

First up: Taming the DWAGS

Wisconsin's Path to the Final Four

Step aside kids, it's time for the adults to play

Ohio State's Path to the Final Four

We understand it's not likely, but here's what they'd have to do.

Purdue's Path to the Final Four

It won't be easy, but there is a way for Purdue to make it to the Final Four. Here are the details of how they can get it done.

Iowa's Easy Path to the Final Four

And it's totally scientific, too.

What is Maryland's path to the Final Four?

Sure, getting put in Kentucky's region doesn't seem like an ideal situation, but maybe there's still a path to the final four for the Terrapins? A quick look at Maryland's tournament path.

Bracket Picking Will Drive You Crazy

OTE has given you the five stages of picking your bracket, starting with smart picks and ending in homerism

NCAAT 2015: Who has the hardest path?

Who of Wisconsin, Ohio State, Maryland, Indiana, Iowa, Purdue, and Michigan State has the hardest path to the final four?

Featured Fanshot

Get your printable bracket!

Title says it all. We are working a unique OTE bracket too that will hopefully be up shortly.


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