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2023 Northwestern Wildcats Postmortem: Rising from the Ashes or a Dead Cat Bounce?

Down comes Ryan Field, and up goes the David Braun Era.

A Very Las Vegas Bowl Preview: Utah, Northwestern, and a Broken Water Heater

Both teams have enjoyed using a lot of quarterbacks with very little success, but only one of these teams has lost to Rutgers. Does that mean anything? See for yourself!

Northwestern basketball is ranked. What happens next?

If history is our guide...uh...

Week 10 Big Ten Power Poll: Justified

Good lord, I’d love to write about this show and absolutely no football if they’d let me.

Northwestern still doesn’t care about its players, and the Wrigley sham proves it

Leave the money on the nightstand, Iowa fans.

Sausage: Made. Evanston to Residents: Drop Dead. Time for a New Ryan Field!

We are laaaaaaughing!

Week 1: B1G Sunday Game Thread


Northwestern Closing Arguments 2023: In Which We Get Compared to Coldplay

Northwestern has an interim head coach and approximately ten million lawsuits swirling around the program. Will they win more than one game?

BREAKING: Pat Fitzgerald out as Northwestern football head coach

A timeline of the hazing allegations in the Northwestern football program that has resulted in the longtime coach and Wildcats alumnus being fired.

Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald suspended for two weeks after conclusion of hazing probe within football program

Northwestern will no longer train at Camp Kenosha in UW-Parkside

People of Faith and Football: REPENT

In a partnership with God/YHWH/Allah and CBS, the Big Ten calls the faithful to repentance on September 3.

A Champagne Hangover Even Fried Chicken Can’t Cure: Predicting Northwestern Football’s 2023 Record

Cash only. Eat the bread.

Three transfers and one dead weight: 2023 Northwestern Special Teams!

A transfer-laden specialist core with one (OK, maybe a second) glaring weakness.

Northwestern Defense Preview: It can’t get any worse, right?

Jim O’Neil’s gone. What can his replacement do?

Do you miss Mick McCall yet? A Northwestern Offense Preview

Stop me if you’ve heard this before—Northwestern has a couple talented running backs and a transfer quarterback. Why is THIS Pat Fitzgerald offense different?

B1G 2023: Northwestern week: Say hello to the new Ryan Field!

A longtime Northwestern season ticket holder is thrilled we’re getting a new stadium! Let’s dive in

2023 Northwestern Wildcats Cocktail Party Preview: Time to blow it up?

Pat Fitzgerald used to do more with less than any coach in the country. Now...uh...

NCAA Tournament Profile: Can Northwestern Beat Boise State?

For the second time in recorded human history, it was The Year. Can the Wildcats improve on their Round of 32 showing from 2017?

Northwestern was non-competitive and I ate soap

Kind of sums it up, right?

A List of Teams Northwestern Has Never Lost To, Including Texas

Can you imagine your football—your mighty football team—never having defeated a program that has lost over 680 times in its history?

Northwestern Football 2022 Closing Arguments: Fix Wildcat Football with ONE SIMPLE TRICK!

Just give us our beach ball back, please.

Northwestern Football is Just a Broke-Down Farm Stand

In the age of NIL, if you can’t compete you are a farm team

Things aren’t all terrible! Sports Northwestern is Good At

From bases to buzzers, it’s not all despair in Evanston.

Northwestern Athletics At A Crossroads: How Do The Wildcats Survive 2022 And Beyond?

Has the game changed on Northwestern to an existential degree?

B1G 2022 // Northwestern defense preview

UGHHHHHHHH. This is not what we had in mind last season! Pass the Malört and get the catapult ready.

Slants and Blunts: Talking Northwestern Quarterbacks // Potluck #2

Grab something to take the edge off, because it’s time to talk about the Northwestern quarterback situation.

B1G 2022 // Northwestern Offense Preview

How the hell can I make lemonade out of this lemon?

Pat Fitzgerald’s Best Days are Probably Behind Him: A 2022 Northwestern Football Preview

The emperor’s got no clothes, and you all get to spend the next 6-8 years pointing and laughing until Jim O’Neill gets fired.

Big Ten Basketball Autopsy: A Successful 2022 for Northwestern

The Collins regime appears to be out of ideas. So what’s another year of failure among friends?

BREAKING: One “Final Season at Ryan Field” in 2022 for Northwestern?

2022 will be the last season at Ryan Field, per a text from the Northwestern Ticket Office.

Northwestern Football 2021 Performance Review: Well, the body’s definitely cold.

This program’s been dead since September, but another shovel blow in December hurt even more.

So COVID canceled your game. Who should you schedule now?

How to reschedule your college basketball games for maximum fun, profit, and hilarity.


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