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How Pat Fitzgerald Is Winning The Summer Of Discontent: Podwestern Wildcast 2020

All things Northwestern Sports 2020!

Northwestern 2020: Offense Preview

Northwestern’s offense hit rock bottom last year. Let’s hope there’s light at the end of the tunnel....Please?

An Irrational Thing I Did For This Stupid Football Team

No, not that thing. The other thing.

Northwestern Football 2020: Coaching Changes

Pat Fitzgerald finally made a change NU fans have been clamoring for!!

Northwestern Football 2020: Can’t be as bad as...everything else!

Pat Fitzgerald returns most of his starters, and even if those starters went 3-9 in 2019, there’s reason for optimism, should 2020 happen. Here’s what to expect.


Our long national nightmare is over! Break out the champagne!

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take These Takes! Northwestern, Illinois and Maryland Basketball Previews

Better late than never

Pat Fitzgerald Briefs His Players On The Recent NCAA Ruling

The Bossman is not amused.

Closing Arguments: Put down your phones, millennials—Northwestern should win another 9 games in 2019.

Transfer QB Hunter Johnson has gotten the headlines, but the Wildcats’ bread and butter should have them contending for the Big Ten West again.

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Obligatory Northwestern Hate Piece

The Only Reason You Don’t Hate Pat Fitzgerald Is Because Northwestern Football Still Doesn’t Matter

Northwestern is the ultimate shield from criticism.

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Introducing Your Rutgwestern Wildcats!

Will Northwestern Wildcats Football Wake Up Before September Ends? // B1G 2019: Podcast Edition

Record Predictions: Northwestern is 2019’s Big Ten Random Number Generator

Lakeshore magic for the ‘Cats?



Northwestern Mailbag: Getting Respect in the West, Reading Books, and Whether It’s The Year

Descending from on high, our munificent writers take turns answering your dumb questions.

Gameday in Evanston

Welcome to Evanston. I’m going to show you a few places to visit before the game.

2019 Northwestern Defense Preview

Northwestern looks to reload on defense in 2019

“Small in numbers, but just as diehard”: Blogging Northwestern Sports at Inside NU

InsideNU has become one of the most popular and prolific Northwestern sports media outlets. EIC Noah Coffman shares a little of how they do it.

What’s the best Northwestern uniform combination?

Storm Trooper, Full Grimace, Lightning Walrus...we talk all the Northwestern color combinations under Under Armour, and even break out a little math to see if the ‘Cats have a Decided Schematic Advantage in any particular chromatic choosing.

The Surprising Success of Northwestern’s Offense (or, the Deviled Eggs of the B1G West)

How does Northwestern’s offense keep ticking despite a million statistical suggestions to the contrary? Our writers look at unexpected successes in food and football.

Happy Retirement, Coach Carmody.

He’s been retired for a while now. I just wanted to use all 35 seconds of the shot clock one last time.

Northwestern 2019 Offense Preview

Things are looking good with a 5 star transfer qb and a bell-cow running back named after a classic Nintendo villain, and a noted fan of professional wrestling coaching the OL

Monday Potluck: How long can Northwestern skate by on “pretty good”?

A Look at Northwestern’s Tradition of Goodenoughness, and Hot Dogs

Northwestern Wildcats Cocktail Party Preview, 2019: Could they REALLY do it again?

The ‘Cats pulled off the high-wire act of the season in 2018. Can they smooth things out behind a highly-touted QB and return to Indianapolis?

MAILBAG CALL: What questions do you have about Northwestern, peasant?

Will Hunter Johnson be the real deal? Will Pat Fitzgerald yell more about millennials and their phones ruining college football? Why ARE we the way we are? Come, ask your most pressing questions about Northwestern!

Please decide the most damning part of this list: Northwestern’s best head-to-head the last 10 years


Northwestern’s spring practices are...done? Or ongoing? Maybe? Oh, and what is definitely an interview with Pat Fitzgerald

A mythical "quarterback competition", an injury report that would make a hockey coach blush, and probably some linemen doing funny things with punts and baseball bats.

We weren’t kidding—you need Northwestern: The Wildcats’ 2018 Season in Review

Pat Fitzgerald, Clayton Thorson, and Isaiah Bowser put together a Big Ten West-winning campaign in 2018, somehow, after losing to Duke, Akron, and Notre Dame. Here’s how they did it.

Bowl Pick’em Winner Fanpost: Congratulations, AKnickelbein!

Mild gloating gives way to self-loathing, as is OTE custom.

A Scoop-Six, A Fat Guy Touchdown: Just Another Northwestern Bowl Win

If the ‘Cats embrace the suck in the regular season, they embrace the weird in the post-season, and it worked again in the Holiday Bowl.

The People’s Rose Bowl! Northwestern-Utah promises...well, to happen.

There likely won’t be a ton of points in the 2018 Holiday Bowl.


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