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Obligatory Predictions Competition

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B1G Survivor Week 5: This is a dumb game, anyway

Choose the next set of winners. Or don't. This is stupid.

Big Ten Football Week 4 Picks, Previews, and Predictions

Wisconsin-Notre Dame headlines, but a couple MAC upsets brewing? Indiana on the road? Gather ye intrigue where ye may.

P5 Matchups Galore: Picking the Big Ten in Week 3

From Maryland-Illinois to Auburn-Penn State, we’ve got the winners and what to expect in all the Big Ten football action.

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Big Ten Survivor Pool: Familiar Faces for Week 3

Time for ¡El Assico! Week 2 Big Ten Picks and Predictions

When either ¡El Assico! or 14.5-point favorite Ohio State hosting Oregon is the marquee game, we might be in a little trouble for entertainment...right?

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B1G Survivor 2021 Week 2

Heartstopping Husker news for 75% of participants...

Week 1 Big Ten Football Picks and Previews

One-score spreads in 6/9 Big Ten games this week. Who survives Week 1? Pick the winners with us!

Week 0 Picks: Who wins Illinois-Nebraska?

We...apparently have thoughts.

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Join Big Ten Survivor! Make Week 0/1 Picks Here

Pick one winner a week to be the last B1G survivor.

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Join the Off Tackle Empire Pick 'Em Challenges!

Big Ten Tournament Pick’em Challenge

Let’s pick some games!

Join Off Tackle Empire’s 2020 Bowl Pick’em!

Hurry! Bowl games start today!

Big Ten Championship Week: Picks and Predictions

Can Northwestern catch lightning in a bottle?

RIVALRY WEEK: Big Ten Week 8 Picks and Predictions

RIVALRY WEEK minus the Bucket :( will we all miss the Bucket?

Big Ten Week 7 Picks: What’s less probable—a Rutgers upset or an Illinois upset?

Can Indiana keep the magic alive? Is THIS Rutgers’ time? We pick the Big Ten games.

Big Ten Week 6 Picks and Predictions

Iowa and Nebraska, Rutgers and Purdue, Michigan and Penn State. Which will be the worst? COME FIND OUT WITH US.

Big Ten Picks and Predictions, Week 5

Ohio State-Indiana for the Big Ten East, Wisconsin-Northwestern for the Big Ten West. Come pick games!

Big Ten Week 4 Picks and Predictions

Ol’ Brassy and Floyd of Rosedale are on the line this weekend...and only one of them really matters!

Big Ten Week 3 Picks and Predictions

Can the Charlie Brown Hoosiers kick the football again?

Big Ten Week 2 Picks and Predictions: Anything worth watching here?

When the most exciting game is Iowa-Northwestern, you know you’re in trouble.

Big Ten Championship: Picks and Predictions for Ohio State-wisconsin

OTE ATS Picks Contest - B1G Championship Game Edition!

Now with player props!

RIVALRY WEEK: Big Ten Picks and Predictions, Week 14

Minnesota and wisconsin play for the Axe and a spot in Indy, Iowa and Nebraska meet to declare how little they care about the other and look like assholes, Michigan and Ohio State show up to get jacked off by the national media.

OTE ATS Picks Competition - Week 14

The Bman is on a plane no-frills edition

Big Ten Week 13 Picks, Predictions: Can Penn State stop Ohio State?

Can Northwestern score? (No.) Can anyone care about Michigan State-Rutgers? (No.)

OTE ATS Picks Contest: Week 13

Rollin’, rollin, rollin’ on a parlay

Big Ten Week 12 Picks and Predictions: Floyd for 10-0, #9WINdiana or 22-1?

Analyzing the Big Ten slate in Week 12, including two laughably large lines, one of which might actually get covered.

OTE ATS Picks Contest: Week 12

May the line have mercy on their souls

Big Ten Week 11 Picks and Predictions

Two ranked matchups, two rivalry trophies. But did it have to be these two?

Off Tackle Empire Obligatory ATS Contest - Week 11

Make Money Money, Make Money Money

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Big Ten Picks, Week 10: ILLINUTGERS IV

"Get your feet out of the water, dumbass, it's BLOOD LAKE!"

Off Tackle Empire Obligatory ATS Contest - Week 10

Only 4 games this week. Should be a walk in the park!


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