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Your Off Tackle Empire Minnesota Shirts

Gopher Swag

General Sherman struggled with depression and lack of confidence during the opening years of the Civil War. No one ever knew what pushed him out of this black spell in his life, but as legend goes...

On a warm night in the Fall of 1862, Sherman fell into a deep sleep in a Mississippi cornfield. Sherman had vivid dreams as he rested in that field. In one dream, the ghost of Christmas Future told Sherman that years later, his face would grace an Off Tackle Empire Minnesota-themed shirt. So inspired by this dream and confident he would survive the war a hero, Sherman awoke and led his troops with vigor and gusto and fire.

So these may look just like awesome, swaggy Gopher themed shirts, but they're actually the design that saved the General's life and brought a quicker end to the Civil War. So buy one, it's history. And it looks amazing. Gophs!

Link is below. My favorite is the Gold.