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Three Weeks Until CFB, and, OTE Apparel for the 2013 B1G Season

Sherman is everywhere

Patrick Smith

Good mornin' y'all. Today is August 8th. In exactly three weeks, the 2013 college football season will begin.

Let's just allow that to sink in.

Life is better with college football in it. Think of the games you'll attend, the friends you'll see who you don't get to see much because of families and busy schedules. Think of the random Thursday nights when you're home from a long day at work and there's a nationally important barnburner suddenly on ESPN. Think of the tailgates, the Saturday morning nervousness because oh my god if we win this game we're in first place for the first time since 2003. Think about the hilarious conversation with rival fans in your office, when you grab a cup of coffee and just stand at their office door on the Monday morning after beating their team, when you just sip coffee and smile until they throw a stapler at you.

We at Off Tackle Empire thank you for surviving the long offseason with us. This is a great community and your comments/ideas keep OTE rolling strong, even if there is no football to be watched and even though none of the writers watch football anyways. So let me say three things:

First, we don't feature writers from Indiana or Illinois. If you or anyone you know is interested in writing for OTE, specifically about those schools, shoot me a message. You can find my email in my profile. You would also be picking up basketball coverage for either of those schools, which would be tremendously valuable for OTE and its community.

Second, OTE is a wall of awesome content during College Football season. We do game previews, Power Polls, and random opinion pieces that get facebook liked thousands of times. If you have any ideas or comments about things you want to see on OTE this year, let us know in the comment section. Also - Fanposts are a magical thing. Use them, write a good one, and we'll front page you.

Finally, we've got some shirts in our GameDay Depot store. We want you all to be decked out in Sherman this year. So here is the link to the OTE Apparel page and I'm going to do a *Top 5 OTE Sherman Shirts list, for your **edification.

*bleacher report, what's up

**slideshow not included

The FIFTH Most Amazing OTE Sherman Shirt is...


The FOURTH Most Amazing OTE Sherman Shirt is...


The THIRD Most Amazing OTE Sherman Shirt is...


The SECOND Most Amazing OTE Sherman Shirt is...


And overall, the Most Amazing OTE Sherman Shirt is...