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New Off Tackle Empire Shirts and Designs

Bring me your OTE memes, your amazing designs, your Sherman caricatures...

Hey there.

We have shirts available for purchase on Off Tackle Empire. Go here to buy one, with the instantly recognizable and super-aggressive General Sherman figure on the front.

But we are not sitting on our collective laurels here at OTE. We want your design idea for the next OTE shirt(s) that we will sell to the masses. So get your memes out of the closet and sharpen your designing skills...and send me your ideas (grahamfiller10 at gmail dot com) or post them in the comment section. I've added some FAQ's below.

I Get To Design A Shirt for OTE??? Is It Christmas?

It is Christmas.

I Like Christmas!

That's cool. Remember, we love OTE-inspired memes because a) they're awesome and b) it's legal to place that on an OTE shirt. So mine the memes for inspiration ("writers", watching the games, mods, etc). I assume profanity is frowned upon by the mothership? Maybe light profanity is ok. I assume we will find out, knowing y'all. Remember that Intellectual Property theft won't make it onto shirts either.

I Like The Current Shirts? Should I Buy One?

You should. We love the quality of the shirts now (ringspun cotton, very American Apparel-like). We have colors that fit almost every school

I've Got So Many Designs In My Head.

Good. The shirt maker, Game Day Depot, has a designer on hand so if you can't MicPaint or design, just put your idea in the comment section and if it's an amazing idea, we'll get it to the GDD designer to mock up. The shirts can handle some writing on the back too, just a little bit.

I Like V-Necks & Hoodies Though

Good question. Actually I need to check in on that as an option. I like where your mind's at.

I've Got So Many Questions That You Failed To Answer

Bro, I am in Ireland on my honeymoon. Mods will be in the comment section to answer what they can. Thank you for your ingenuity and for spending time on OTE.