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The official Off Tackle Empire Podcast

College Football Season Wrap-up, Podcast Edition (With No College Football Playoff Championship Talk)

Nope, nothing of interest left to talk about

OTE Podcast Reaction to Big Ten Football Championship Game, Title Game Weekend & Coaching Carousel Chaos

So, did you take our advice last weekend?

Off Talkle Empire’s Conference Championship Week Preview & Coaching Carousel Extravaganza! (Podcast)

Michigan Beats Ohio State Football, Sparks Big Ten Revolution Of The Oppressed: Week 13 In Review

The oppressor class is being dismantled before your eyes

The Path For The Michigan Wolverines To Beat Ohio State In Football: Big Ten Rivalry Week Preview

Our Heroes must Axe some questions. Buckethat?

Ohio State Salts The Earth: Big Ten Football Week 12 In Review

There’s "leave no doubt" and there’s "500 first half yards"

The Big Ten East Is On The Line, Part 1: Week 12 Preview

The Big Ten West is on all kinds of lines.

Penn State and Minnesota Melt Down To 6-4 As The Conference Title Race Takes Shape: Week 11 Recap

With two weeks left, there are still several teams alive in each division, but only two control their fate

Can Purdue Football Pull Off The Unthinkable? Can Michigan State Keep Mel Tucker? Week 11 Preview

Plus your weekly non-conference update!

Minnesota And Iowa Football Beat Traffic: Big Ten Week 10 Recap

It’s not about whether you won or lost, it’s about getting to bed at a reasonable hour

The Big XII Is Becoming The Big Ten As The ACC Becomes The Big XII

Meanwhile, the Real Big Ten is mostly still the Big Ten

The Clock Strikes Midnight On Michigan And Iowa: Big Ten Football Week 9 Recap

Down go two more division leaders

Can Michigan Or Iowa Football Play From Behind? Will They Need To?

Someone’s illusions are getting shattered this week, but whose?

How In The Hell Did Penn State Football Manage That? Big Ten Football Week 8 Recap

It’s not every week you see a generational dicktrip

The Worst Slate Of Big Ten Football Games Of 2021: Previewing Week 8

And there’s not even any Rutgers involved!

Valhalla Denies The Iowa Hawkeyes: Big Ten Football Week 7 In Review

In Iowa City there is no beer anymore

Should The College Football Playoff Expand To Include A Fifth Big Ten Team? Week 6 Recap Podcast

It’s just different in the Big Ten week in week out

Maryland and Wisconsin Football Indicted On Fraud Charges: Big Ten Week 5 In Review

Blue teams are better than red teams?

Who Loses First In The Big Ten East: Penn State, Michigan, Maryland or Michigan State? Week 5 Preview

Loss 1 is coming for SOMEONE this weekend.

Are There Any Good Football Teams In The Big Ten? Week 4 Gave No Answers

Who’s good? Who even knows?

Why Nebraska Football Could Win A Meaningful Big Ten Game, And Other Week 4 Mysteries

Are we ready for MICHIGERS?

IS THIS THE YEAR for Iowa, Penn State, Michigan, Michigan State and Others? Week 3 Podcast

Tremendous destiny ahead!

Let’s Face It: Iowa is the Best and Most Fun Team in the Big Ten // Week 3 Preview Podcast

Bonus: previews of other less important games than Iowa-Kent State!

Adjusting Our Outlook As Iowa Becomes The Front Runner: Week 2 Review Podcast

How in the hell did we get here?

Big Ten Football 2021 Week 2 Preview in MS Paint Infographics

Featuring Big Ten Cupcake Week Breakdown!

Big Ten Football 2021: Week 1 Preview in MS Paint Infographics

Now with bonus podcast content!

Can the Ohio State Buckeyes Football Death Star Lose Before The Playoffs?

It’s been three years since they lost a conference game

Why It’s Time For A Northwestern Wildcats Football Down Year In 2021

Just check the schedule.

Can the Indiana Hoosiers Actually Improve On Last Year’s Fever Dream Of A Season?

It’s not as far-fetched as you might think

The Eternal Iowa Hawkeyes Football Question: Eight Wins Or Nine?

Stick around to discuss where Fran goes from here

Did Last Year Mean Anything For Penn State Football, or is it Business as Usual?

It won’t be as bad as 2020, but will it be as good as we’ve come to expect?

Is Rutgers Football On The Verge Of Competing In The Big Ten?

No, but it looks possible sooner than you’d think


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