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The official Off Tackle Empire Podcast

Indiana Finalizing Deal With Curt Cignetti to Lead the Hoosiers

Indiana in the Buff with Mr. Komodo: My Coaching Christmas List

I’m back and capitalizing on all the Jon Gruden clicks.

Indiana in the Buff with Mr. Komodo: That Was Bad


Conference Realignment, Ryan Day’s Hot Seat, Brian Ferentz and the End of Big Ten Football (Podcast)

It’s the end of our Big Ten Football podcast

Big Ten Football Bowl Season Roundup & National Title Preview Podcast


The Iowa Hawkeyes Are Going To Win The Big Ten West: Big Ten Football Week 12 Preview


Purdue Sends Me Straight To Hell! Big Ten Football Week 11 Recap Podcast

Michigan and Ohio State jog in place

It’s Time To Eliminate Some Big Ten Football Teams: Week 11 Preview Podcast

They can’t all go bowling or win the West!

Suddenly Anyone Can Win The Big Ten West! B1G Football Week 10 Recap

Suddenly Anyone Can Win The Big Ten West! B1G Football Week 10 Recap

Big Ten Football Week 10 Preview Podcast: A Purdue By Any Other Name...

A week in which the Big Nude games look more appetizing than the Afternude Slate

Michigan State Football Has A Bit Of A Problem: Big Ten Week 9 Recap Podcast

Big 2, Illinois & Little 11

Can Ohio State or Michigan Football Be Stopped Before Thanksgiving? Big Ten Week 9 Preview

Plus, a fun story from days gone by!

The Big Ten West Can Only Beat The Big Ten West In Football: Week 8 Recap

Divisions are beautiful. Shut up.

Illinois and Purdue March Towards Cannon Destiny: Big Ten Football Week 7 Recap

Anyone Can Win The Big Ten West (As Long As They’re Illinois Or Purdue)

Michigan Football Takes On Penn State, And Also The Most Important B1G Game Yet: Week 7 Preview

Using up all the excitement in the Big Nude slot

Yet Another Coach That Isn’t Brian Ferentz Fired: Big Ten Football Week 6 Recap

Is Iowa going to do ANYTHING?

A Meaningful Illini Football Game! & An Unlikely Shootout: Big Ten Week 6 Preview

Unprecedented events for this podcast!

Nebraska And Wisconsin Have Fired Their Football Coaches. Who’s Next? Week 5 In Review

Are more heads going to roll in the Big Ten?

The Most Interesting Big Ten Football Games Of Week 5 Involve Maryland, Indiana And Illinois

Yes, really!

Minnesota Football Controls The Big Ten West Title Race: Week 4 Recap Podcast

Mostly because the rest of them have already screwed it up

Where, When, Why, How and On What TV Channel Does Ohio State Football Play Wisconsin?

(spoiler alert 7:30PM ET on ABC, pls listen to our podcast)

Michigan State Football Indicted On Fraud Charges, Purdue Collapses Again: Big Ten Football Week 3 Recap

Indiana lives a charmed life, while Nebraska still needs a coach

FIXED: Does Auburn Football Matter Anymore? Can Iowa Score On Nevada? Can Nebraska Avenge Scott Frost? Week 3 Preview!

Michael Penix returns to the podcast.

A Scott Frost Nebraska Post-Morten Discussion and Big Ten Week 2 Recap

Not an easy guy to feel sorry for, tbqh

Nobody Gives A Shit About The Iowa Hawkeyes Playing Iowa State Football

The Iowa Caucus of football games is upon us

Big Ten Football Defeats All Non-Conference Foes: Week 1 In Review

Some more convincingly than others!

Why Did James Franklin Turn Penn State Football into Imitation Purdue? Big Ten Week 1 Preview

Plus a Week 0 recap!

Punting Up To Dublin: Big Ten Football Week 0 Preview & Season Discussion Podcast

The first step to a bizarre Big Ten West title scenario is upon us

Have Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan Wolverines Finally Overtaken The Ohio State Buckeyes in Football?

......................Probably not, but there are other questions answered as well!

Call It A Hunch: Iowa Hawkeyes Football Will Win Around 8 Games In 2022

With great linebacker play and anemic, plodding offense

Can The Empire Strike Back, or are Ryan Day’s Ohio State Buckeyes On The Verge Of Falling Off?

PODCAST: Is this battle station fully operational?

Is Mel Tucker Coming, Going Or Staying? Michigan State Spartans Football 2022 Preview PODCAST

Was there a pass defense in the transfer portal?


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