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Why Nebraska Football Could Win A Meaningful Big Ten Game, And Other Week 4 Mysteries

Are we ready for MICHIGERS?

IS THIS THE YEAR for Iowa, Penn State, Michigan, Michigan State and Others? Week 3 Podcast

Tremendous destiny ahead!

Let’s Face It: Iowa is the Best and Most Fun Team in the Big Ten // Week 3 Preview Podcast

Bonus: previews of other less important games than Iowa-Kent State!

Adjusting Our Outlook As Iowa Becomes The Front Runner: Week 2 Review Podcast

How in the hell did we get here?

Big Ten Football 2021 Week 2 Preview in MS Paint Infographics

Featuring Big Ten Cupcake Week Breakdown!

Big Ten Football 2021: Week 1 Preview in MS Paint Infographics

Now with bonus podcast content!

Can the Ohio State Buckeyes Football Death Star Lose Before The Playoffs?

It’s been three years since they lost a conference game

Why It’s Time For A Northwestern Wildcats Football Down Year In 2021

Just check the schedule.

Can the Indiana Hoosiers Actually Improve On Last Year’s Fever Dream Of A Season?

It’s not as far-fetched as you might think

The Eternal Iowa Hawkeyes Football Question: Eight Wins Or Nine?

Stick around to discuss where Fran goes from here

Did Last Year Mean Anything For Penn State Football, or is it Business as Usual?

It won’t be as bad as 2020, but will it be as good as we’ve come to expect?

Is Rutgers Football On The Verge Of Competing In The Big Ten?

No, but it looks possible sooner than you’d think

Discussing the College Football Playoff expansion proposal, its significance to the Big Ten and some Michigan skeletons

Let’s have two discussions of very different fun levels

Nebraska Football Has a Tough Road to a Breakthrough, But It’s On The Table

Basketball seems more likely to do it though

Michigan Wolverines Basketball Is What Everyone Thought Michigan Football Would Be Under Jim Harbaugh

Ready to hear about positive things for Michigan?

For Purdue, it’s time to put up or shut up. Where does Jeff Brohm go from here? // Off Talkle Empire

At some point in the process of spinning the wheels, you either start moving forward or bust a tire

How much longer will Tom Izzo stick around at Michigan State? PODCAST!


B1G 2021 // Does this Fighting Illini football roster have the potential for greatness with good coaching?

Raising more questions than answers on Off Talkle Empire

Who’s Positioned To Be Big Ten Football’s Worst In 2021?

Is there actually a clear-cut worst team like so many years prior?

Where Do The Top 6 Big Ten Football Teams Stand This Offseason? State of the Conference Overview!

Yes, we’re including Penn State. This is allllll projection.

Is Luka Garza even the best player in the Big Ten? Blocking Chargecast Investigates

We debate the best player in the Big Ten, the most NIT city, and what’s wrong with Michigan State, among things.

Is Ohio State The Alabama Of Clemsons? The Fall Of Lovieball & More!

Lovieball is over, all hail Rodball

Big Ten Football Week 8 RIVALRY WEEK Preview in MS Paint Infographics

lol nothing matters pls listen to pod

How The Entire Big Ten Got To Two Wins: Big Ten Football Week 7 In Review

Not a story we should be proud of per se

Big Ten Football 2020 Week 7 Preview in MS Paint Infographics

sorry for the low volume but pls listen to podcast

The 2020 Big Ten Football Season Championship Has Been Decided

Congratulations to our 2020 champion!

Are You Thankful For Big Ten Football Yet? Previewing Week 6 And Possibly Not Beyond

We’re still doing this and Michigan-Penn State is a thing!

Thank You For Your Service, Nebraska Football! Recapping Big Ten Football Week 5

Plus, has Illinutgers been replaced?!?!

Penn State’s Losing Streak Is Honestly Impressive: Big Ten Football Week 4 In Review

In four games they’ve already made history

Big Ten 2020 Week 4 Preview in MS Paint Infographics

and also bonus podcast

Who’s Given Up On The Big Ten Football Season Already?

This season might mean even less than you thought!

Jim Harbaugh Has Been Gone For Nearly Four Years



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