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Offseason Trials

2016 Predictions and Previews: Northwestern Wildcats Football

The Wildcats did well last year. Can they do the same this year?

2016 Preview and Predictions: Indiana Hoosiers Football

Off-Season Trial: Is Northwestern trending down?

[Northwestern fans everywhere reach for the bottle just reading that question.]

Off-Season Trials: The Noon Kickoff

11:00 If You're On God's Time

Offseason Trials: Spring Games

Staring into 4 months of radio silence, a football fan would do most anything for one last snap- even pay to go to a practice.

Offseason Trials: Satellite Camps are Awesome?

Yes, they are definitely helping Big Ten schools, but does that make them awesome? Offseason Trials takes on the virtues of the satellite camp.

Offseason Trials: The Extra Point

It's been around since the beginning, and who doesn't love kickers? Still, with such an incredible success rate, it seems to be a little outdated. Offseason Trials discusses the merits and demerits of the extra point.

Offseason Trials: Should Jerseys Be Retired?

You be the jury

Offseason Trials: Fall Weddings

Exploring the pros and cons of a fall wedding.

Offseason Trials: Night Games