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Ohio State

Closing Arguments 2021: The Ohio State Buckeyes and The End of Ryan Day?

The End Or The Beginning or The Beginning of the End

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People Forget.

(He's also an asshole!)


Or: How OSU Became the Shortest Giant in CFB

Can the Ohio State Buckeyes Football Death Star Lose Before The Playoffs?

It’s been three years since they lost a conference game

Ohio State: Future Mid-Tier SEC Program

Softest Schedule in the Big Ten and Talking Trash

How about a 14th helping of hotdish? 2021 Ohio State Record Predictions

Grab some Johnny Marzetti—no, we don’t care if you’re full—and tell us if the Buckeyes are in the College Football Playoff again.

Potluck #1: Is Ohio State even a Big Ten team anymore?

From speed traps and Waffle Houses to stoolie rumor-mongering and the broken nature of the Big Ten. Ohio, everyone!

Reloading but Vulnerable? A 2021 Ohio State Overview

Somehow there are questions surrounding a coach who’s never lost to a Big Ten team.

Ohio State Men’s Basketball, 2020-21: A Post Mortem

When the pu pu platter accidentally gets good.

Catching Up with Big Ten Volleyball

A sport we can actually be proud of.

B1G Power Poll, Post-Season: Mask Styles

Masks: A Blessing for Iowa Fans Since 2020

Michigan Falls to Ohio State

Michigan Defeats Ohio State in Battle of Top Five Teams

2020 National Championship Game Thread

Ohio State vs Alabama: chat with big ten fans here during the championship game!

2020 National Championship Picks and Predictions

A Forgettable Season for Michigan Ends on a Sour Note

RAPID REACTION: Big Ten ADs prepared to change rules, allow Ohio State to play in the Big Ten Championship.

The writers respond to the unsurprising but disappointing news that the rules will change for the conference’s cash cow.

Off Tackle Empire Releases Statement On Ohio State Buckeyes Football Cancellation of Illibuck 2020

Thumpasaurus took to the Internet to make his position known

Ohio State 2020: Preview to Kill

OSU returns to claim what is rightfully (probably) theirs

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Officials Rob OSU; Bucks Didn’t Lock Their Door


Ohio State Routs Michigan

Ohio State leaves Ann Arbor victorious. Again.

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Why I Hate Ohio State

Blocking Chargecast: Big Ten Basketball Previews of the Wisconsin Badgers, Rutgers Scarlet Knights, and Ohio State Buckeyes

A Big Ten basketball podcast preview of the red-and-white teams in the conference: Can the Buckeyes contend for the Big Ten title, and could landmines like Rutgers trip them up?

Of Course Ohio State Football is Struggling to Sell Season Tickets: There’s a Hype Ceiling

Who’s going to get irrationally excited about the 2019 Buckeyes?

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THE Only S*y Universe

Predicting Ohio State Buckeyes Football to Regress Under Grand Moff Day is Wishful Thinking // B1G 2019

The Empire will be just fine, thank you very much.

Ohio State Buckeyes 2019 Record Predictions

From 11-1 to...8-4?! our writers have some thoughts on OSU in 2019...

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THE? Ohio State University

A new traveling designation centered on an Ohio university's dumbass attempt to trademark a definite article.

Getting Violently Ill and/or Beating the Buckeyes: Which have YOU done?

We take a bite of the fruit of the poisonous tree.

Transfer Gifts and Gemutlichkeit: Have the rich gotten richer on offense?

With a shiny new QB and returning playmakers, can the Buckeyes offense continue to produce?

With Justin Fields and new offensive faces, the 2019 Buckeyes Season will not Preview the new Day Era

Unless they are sweet.

Can Ohio State handle the Ryan Day regime any better than the last?

Columbus burger eating challenges, the challenge of not completely messing up a scandal, and the challenge of predicting whether Urban Meyer winds up at USC or Notre Dame.


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