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Open Game Threads

Purdue-Indiana! and other Big Ten Basketball Previews of Lesser Importance, January 20-23

Stop whining about the refs, or no one gets any Culvers.

Maryland-Michigan have a Disappoint-Off, Wisconsin heads to resurgent Northwestern? B1G Hoops Previews, Open Thread

Plus: whether Northwestern can capitalize with fans in the stands (stop it, there are at least a few hundred) and how a coach soliciting a prostitute is Damon Evans’s fault? Wild stuff.

How far has college basketball regressed? Weekend Big Ten Basketball Open Thread: MSU-NU, Rutgers-Maryland

Time, TV, odds, line, and previews for Big Ten men’s basketball: Northwestern-Michigan State, Rutgers-Maryland, Penn State-Ohio State, Iowa-Minnesota, and a marquee women’s basketball matchup of Michigan-Maryland.

Thursday Basketball Open Thread: Wisconsin-Ohio State, Iowa-Indiana

Lots of individual talent on display tonight, including a Northwestern women’s basketball player who can’t get no respect...

Some Real Bad Basketball, As A Treat: B1G Men’s Hoops Weekend Previews, Open Thread

It’s Nebraska! It’s Rutgers! DEAR GOD, MY EYES!

Bobcats! Bizon! Painful B1G Memories! An FCS Championship Preview

Bobcats! Bizon! Painful B1G memories! Here’s where you can talk about the FCS Championship game, kicking off this morning from Frisco.

Big Ten Basketball Midweek Previews: Well The Big Ten Plays Every Day Now So...

The No. 3 team in the country is tied for 7th in the Big Ten. Just like we all predicted!

Kurt Kittner, Drew Brees, and the Bowl: A Texas Bowl Preview?

39 scholarship players for LSU, a new OC for K-State, and pouring some out for the Bowl.

Big Ten Basketball’s Back! Previews, Open Thread for Michigan-Rutgers, Illinois-Minnesota

Plenty of uncertainty across a COVID-marred Big Ten slate of games. Previews, time, TV for Rutgers-Michigan, Illinois-Minnesota.

B1G 0 for Saturday incoming? Penn State, Iowa, Ohio State Bowl Game Open Thread

Can either of Penn State and Iowa overcome their inherent Penn Stateness and Iowaness? Will Ohio State put forth ANY effort? A B1G bowl Saturday preview:

RUTGERS! IN A BOWL! Friday Bowl Previews, Open Thread

Rutgers and Michigan playing their bowl games on the same day, as we all expected.

Types of Carolina Barbecue, Ranked: A Thursday B1G Bowl Open Thread

Types of Carolina barbecue, ranked, plus the Las Vegas Bowl and one of the best moments in Wisconsin football history.

Is the Pinstripe Bowl the best Big Ten bowl game? A Wednesday Bowl Open Thread, ft. Pinstripes, Cheez-Its, and Alamos

Plus, why the Pinstripe Bowl may truly be the B1Ggest of all the bowls. Take a little walk down memory lane with us...

Minnesota! West Virginia! Football on a Baseball Field! Guaranteed Rate Bowl Open Thread

How often the Big Ten has played UCLA, looking at Houston bowl futility, some ugly episodes in Minnesota and Northwestern bowl history, and more.

Merry Christmas: Here’s a Camellia Bowl and Diamond Head Classic Open Thread

Great moments in Ball State bowl game and SkyDome history!

What did 1984 Michigan State and 1985 Illinois have in common? An Armed Forces Bowl Preview

Also, Mizzou and Army meet for ALL THE ARMED FORCES, and we’re pretty sure Eli Drinkwitz becomes the new Secretary of Defense if Mizzou wins.

BRAGGIN’ RIGHTS! and Other Big Ten Basketball Previews

Plus, ranking the best college sports nicknames in all of Illinois college athletics—how do the Prairie Stars and Blueboys stack up?

Let’s Put Some Potatoes and Smoothies in Places They Don’t Belong! Tuesday Bowl Game Previews

Plus Air Coryell, Barry Sanders, and the 1980s Iowa Hawkeyes? Here’s what they have in common...

The Myrtle Beach Bowl and the Best Passing Offense You’ve Never Heard Of

Tulsa, Old Dominion, and a walk down memory lane.

Big Ten Basketball Previews: RIVALRY WEEKEND

The Crossroads Classic, plus Iowa with a tricky "neutral" site game.

Saturday Bowl Games Open Thread, Previews

Boca Raton! New Mexico! Independence! LendingTree! New Orleans! ...Jimmy Kimmel?!?

Friday Bowl Games Preview, Open Thread: Bahamas, Cure Bowl

Remembering some guys, great moments in Bahamas Bowl history, and a place to talk Friday’s bowl games! Join the conversation!

Big Ten Basketball Weekend Recaps, Midweek Open Thread: You’ll always remember #1, Purdue

Plus, a look ahead to some walkovers in Big Ten men’s hoops and a slate of winnable WBB games.

Vote in our Basketball Power Poll! Midweek B1G Hoops Open Thread

Plus: the ultimate CBB Sickos game tips off at 12pm on Monday, and why won’t BTN air women’s basketball over re-runs this week?

Championship Week: B1G Evening Game Thread

The Main Event

Championship Week: Morning/Afternoon Game Thread

The Undercard

Could Iowa actually be...good? Big Ten Basketball Weekend Previews, Open Thread

Is Iowa good? Can either of Rutgers or Illinois actually win? Who knows...

Big Ten-ACC Challenge Previews, Open Thread: NOW is the Big Ten the best conference in college hoops?

Continuing with Louisville-Michigan State, Georgia Tech-wisconsin, and Virginia Tech-Maryland tonight, the conference gets a shot a redemption and can close out a victory over the ACC.

Week 13: B1G Afternoon Game Thread

Axe, Bucket, Hat, and...Laserz

Week 13: B1G Early Game Thread

The Whuppin’ We’ve All Been Waiting For...

Week 13: B1G Black Friday Game Thread

The Battle for the Corporate Doorstop

Big Ten Hoops Weekend Open Thread: Breakfast Bounces and Hillbilly Basketball

Maryland plays breakfast basketball, Penn State tries to redeem its trip to the Emerald Coast, and and Indiana hosts some Hillbilly Basketball.


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