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Open Game Threads

Oh right, the NFL Draft. A Thread!

Who from the Big Ten is likely to get drafted? Let me explain to you the transactional nature of this article, in which you click on it so I can feed my cat and also tell YOU things about Iowa linemen with short arms.

Which cheater will win? An NCAA Tournament Men’s Final Preview, Open Thread

Kansas! North Carolina! The worthless NCAA! Hooray!

Basketball? Weekend Open Thread

Also other sports, maybe.

NCAA Tournament Saturday Thread: Two Big Ten Teams Still Alive!

Plus, yes, here’s your place to talk Duke-Arkansas, Houston-Villanova, and, of course, THE MAIN EVENT: Portland-Southern Utah!

Let’s Keep Dancing - NCAA Tournament Friday Previews and Open Thread

Everyone’s favorite little underdog train faces off against St. Peters

NCAA Tournament Sunday Preview, Open Thread

HOOOOOOBOY it’s a B1G Sunday and is it gonna be painful.

NCAA Tournament Saturday Preview, Open Thread

Michigan men and women hit the court today, plus Hoosiers and Buckeyes women in the NCAA Tournament...full schedules for Men’s and Women’s NCAAT, the NIT, CBI, and shenanigans in The Basketball Classic. Join the conversation:

NCAA Tournament Friday Games Preview and Open Thread

You’re hungover from St. Patrick’s Day. How is your bracket doing? To shreds, you say? Karen from accounting’s bracket? She’s winning?

NCAA Tournament Thursday Games Preview and Open Thread: Do any of Iowa, Michigan, and Indiana survive?

The magnificent BoilerUp89 previews all 16 games of the 1st day of the tournament and provides you a game thread for your degenerate bracket gambling discussions

First Four Previews, Day 2: Rutgers! Notre Dame! WHY?!?

Plus the NCAA Women’s Tournament tips off, the NIT is in full swing, and something called a Basketball Classic happens! We don’t know why.

First Four Preview and Open Thread, Night 1: Hoosiers meet 'Pokes!


Big Ten Tournament Semifinals Recaps, Championship Preview and Open Thread

It’s Iowa. It’s Purdue. Hooray.

Big Ten Tournament: Two-Day Retrospective, Day 3 Preview/Open Thread

Iowa nuked Northwestern from orbit, Michigan went from punching to choking, and DOWN GOES OHIO STATE!

Big Ten Tournament Preview, Podcast, Picks, and Day 1 Open Thread

All the #B1GTourney content you can handle.

Big Ten Bracketology, Tournament Seed Scenarios, Weekend Open Thread

Women’s BTT semifinals + Indiana-Purdue on Saturday, and the Big Ten conference race shakes out on Sunday. Here’s what to expect:

Can Purdue save us from the darkest timeline? B1G MBB Midweek Previews, Open Thread

Can Purdue save us from the darkest timeline?

Who’s #2, and why is it wisconsin? Big Ten Bracketology, Monday Preview, Open Thread

Purdue or Wisconsin: Can either manage a 2-seed? Big Ten bracketology after upset-laden weekend, plus Monday night hoops: Northwestern heads to Iowa for—oh god just make it quick

Rutgers, Michigan, Indiana: Who’s in? B1G Men’s Bracketology, Midweek Previews, Open Thread

Plus, NCAA Tournament seed projections for Purdue, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Michigan State, and Iowa.

NOW what do we do with Rutgers? Big Ten Friday Bracketology Hoopstravaganza

Recap of Rutgers’ Illinois upset, Purdue’s cruise-control win, Penn State’s upset of Michigan State, and how the conference looks in the latest bracketology projections.

HAPPY HOUR HOOPS: Big Ten Basketball Midweek Open Thread

Minnesota and Penn State, a weird game at 3 in the afternoon! Michigan and Iowa, so your buzz doesn’t have to wear off!

What’s for eats? Super Bowl Sunday Open Thread

Best Super Bowl dips best Super Bowl odds best Super Bowl lines best Super Bowl halftime shows best Super Bowl games best Super Bowl Big Ten SEO SEO SEO clickbait SEO

A Trio of Public Executions: Big Ten Men’s Basketball Weekend Open Thread

Terrapins-Boilermakers, Cornhuskers-Hawkeyes, and Wildcats-Illini highlight a Super Bowl Sunday of Big Ten Basketball.

Four Rational Fanbases with No Refereeing Grievances Hit Hardwood Tonight: Iowa-Maryland, Purdue-Michigan Open Thread

How will the refs screw your team over this time? COME FIND OUT:

Big Ten Bracketology, Midweek Basketball Open Thread: Wisconsin, Purdue dueling 1-seeds?

Plus, has Iowa tumbled onto the bubble?

Big Ten Men’s Basketball Weekend Previews

A couple of in-state rivalries, but the highlight is Purdue-Ohio State

Big Ten Men’s Basketball Midweek Previews: Michigan State-Illinois headlines ranked road tests

There’s also Maryland-Rutgers tonight but heyyyyy look over here, Purdue at Iowa could be fun!

Purdue-Indiana! and other Big Ten Basketball Previews of Lesser Importance, January 20-23

Stop whining about the refs, or no one gets any Culvers.

Maryland-Michigan have a Disappoint-Off, Wisconsin heads to resurgent Northwestern? B1G Hoops Previews, Open Thread

Plus: whether Northwestern can capitalize with fans in the stands (stop it, there are at least a few hundred) and how a coach soliciting a prostitute is Damon Evans’s fault? Wild stuff.

How far has college basketball regressed? Weekend Big Ten Basketball Open Thread: MSU-NU, Rutgers-Maryland

Time, TV, odds, line, and previews for Big Ten men’s basketball: Northwestern-Michigan State, Rutgers-Maryland, Penn State-Ohio State, Iowa-Minnesota, and a marquee women’s basketball matchup of Michigan-Maryland.

Thursday Basketball Open Thread: Wisconsin-Ohio State, Iowa-Indiana

Lots of individual talent on display tonight, including a Northwestern women’s basketball player who can’t get no respect...

Some Real Bad Basketball, As A Treat: B1G Men’s Hoops Weekend Previews, Open Thread

It’s Nebraska! It’s Rutgers! DEAR GOD, MY EYES!

Bobcats! Bizon! Painful B1G Memories! An FCS Championship Preview

Bobcats! Bizon! Painful B1G memories! Here’s where you can talk about the FCS Championship game, kicking off this morning from Frisco.


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