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Every year Dr. Zuzu writes paleontology-themed power polls!

Week 14/15 Big Ten Power Poll: Triassic Fauna

Week 5 Power Poll: Archosauromorph Reptiles

You: "What?" Me: "Come learn, friends."

B1G Power Poll Week 11: Major Evolutionary Milestones

You really gon’ learn today

Week 1 Power Poll: Crocodilians

You gon’ learn today.

Week 10 Power Poll: Semi-Aquatic Tetrapods

Time to learn

Week 3 Big Ten Power Poll: It’s (Geologic) Time

You gon’ learn today.

Week 7 Power Poll: Marine Tetrapods

You gon’ learn today.

Week 7 Power Poll: Not Dinosaurs

B1G Power Poll Week 9: The Dinosaur Edition

Let's see... Big Ten football + Dinosaur Expert + Power Poll. Yep, this is an awesome edition of the B1G Power Poll.