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We're quite irreverent here from time to time

Breaking News: 2022 Iowa Playbook Found at Mar-a-Lago in Classified Document Stack (satire)

Breaking News out of the Empire—no word on if the Cy-Hawk game will continue as scheduled. (Because it will, you idiots, because this is satire.)

Iowa Football receives death penalty (satire)

Despite breaking no written rules, Iowa football axed due to "crimes against sport"

When you think about it, safeties should be worth more than two points

By Kurt Nefertz

Brian Ferentz Promoted to University President To Avoid Having to Fire Him

The move was deemed "a way easier conversation than having him fired" by the athletic director

RUMOR MILL: Greg Schiano to take over Nebraska from Scott Frost

Unconfirmed confirmation

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Iowa-Rutgers Referees Speak Out

After negative attention following the contested conclusion of Hawkeyes-Scarlet Knights, Off Tackle Empire obtained the transcript of the Big Ten referees speaking with the assembled media.

On Saturday, Penn State Will Play Its Super Bowl

Few teams have the honor of sharing a field with the almighty SEC.

Breaking: College Gameday No Longer Headed to Ames

Ames seen as unfit to host after ESPN crew actually goes there.

Noah Fant’s Draft Stock Plummets Because He Doesn’t Drive A Big Dumb Truck

NFL teams shy away from a player who didn’t base his entire personality on Dodge Ram commercials

SB Nation Blocks OTE’s Pivot to Video Because the “Writers” Are Too Unsightly

SBN cites rampant weight problems, receding hairlines and poor fashion sense amongst the staff in their decision

Gary Barta Signed to Contract Extension With The Devil

New deal keeps Barta as an immoral bureaucrat until the end of time

BREAKING: Jim Delany Orders the Release of the Infamous Gary Barta Memo

Despite claims that doing so would damage the integrity of the playoff committee, the B1G appears to be ready to declassify the controversial document


Sherman brings his arson brigade to Austin

Rutgers Kicked Out of the Big Ten (satire)

Jim Delany finally makes the decision B1G fans have been calling for

A Rival for Penn State

The rivalry Penn State deserves. And apparently the one it needs right now.

Harbaugh Denies Hawaii Entry to Visitors Locker Room (Satire)

High Profile Coach Doubles Down on His Bid To Start With a Win

Grad Transfer Arms Race (Kind Of) Hits Big Ten West

(Satire) B1G News: Delany Announces B1G Championship Game Changes

Off Skillet Empire: Wisconsin's Favorite Bird!

It's Thanksgiving, and it's also Minnesota-wisconsin week! Let's revisit one of badger Athletic Director Barry Alvarez's favorite family recipes!

Featured Fanshot

Ashley Madison Data Reveals #B1G Cheaters

Congratulations to Michigan State for coming in first in the number of registered .edu email addresses for Ashley Madison, the affair-hookup site whose data was released by hackers earlier this week. Special shout-outs as well to Penn State for coming in a strong second, along with Ohio State, Minnesota, and Michigan for coming in at 7-8-9. h/t to RossWB at Black Heart Gold Pants for alerting me to this gem.

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The Big Ten's 32 Million Dollar Scandal

Someone lost $32 million of the Big Ten's money. Here's the background story.

Winter 2015 B1G Athletic Directors Meeting

OTE listens in on the B1G athletic directors meeting for the winter.

OTE reviews the East-West bowl

OTE is here to tell you about the Big Ten's representatives in the East-West bowl

The B1G coaches meet for the winter...

The B1G football coaches meet for the winter, and a rookie coach gets hazed badly

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Spring Coaching Meetings in the Big Ten

Big Ten Standout Cited for Cattle Theft

Brandon Scherff caught shoplifting whole cow from farmer’s pasture.

Meet the B1G Bag Man

We do things a little diff'rent 'round here.

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Winter Meetings in the Big Ten

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Redesigning OTE's tshirts

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KTEC - A Meme-filled Illustration Of Husker Hate

LPW delivers a meme-filled illustration of why he hates the Nebraska Cornhuskers. A hint, Lil' Red plays a part.

OTE SCOOPS - Leaked IU Helmet Design Plans

The behind the scenes story of how the CHROME-TASTIC Indiana football helmets became a reality.

Are Ted Glover and Gordon Gee the same person?

Many have noticed similarities between recent comments by Gordon Gee and past comments by OTE writer Ted Glover. Is there more to it? OTE investigates and gives a definitive answer.


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