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OTE's staff discussions.

SHOW US YOUR PIEROGI POCKET: 2022 Penn State Record Predictions

Grab a Polish treat and show us your Pierogi Pocket!

Who’s Penn State’s One True Rival? // 2022 Penn State of the State #2

And what goes on the true Pennsylvania soft pretzel?

Can James Franklin return the Nittany Lions to the highs of 2016? // Penn State of the State #1

Who’s got the best cheesesteak in Philly?

2022 Maryland Season Predictions: Old Bay or JO? Does it matter?

An interesting non-con means you can float the Terps anywhere from 4 to 8 wins and no one would bat an eye, right?

2022 Illinois Season Predictions: Are the Illini the new Big Ten CHAOS TEAM?

Asking if BERT’s Illini can turn a corner in 2022, and designing the best version of the horseshoe sandwich we possibly can.

Huskers 2022 Schedule, Record Predictions: Nebraska Potluck #4

Plus: Would you drive to Omaha just for beer?

Nebraska Football Defense/Special Teams Preview...and a Footless Goose? B1G 2022, Potluck #3

We thought cars painted and half-buried in the ground was totally overdone, so we’re looking to a new icon for Nebraska...and metaphor for Huskers football.

Nebraska Potluck #2: Balloons Popping, Left and Right (an Offense Preview)

It’s up to a former UMass head coach and a former Texas quarterback to do it. Or will the Huskers FINALLY run the damn ball for Don in Stromsburg?

B1G 2022, Nebraska Potluck #1: Can we fix this turkey?

Omaha innovation and Lincoln stagnation.

Slants and Blunts: Talking Northwestern Quarterbacks // Potluck #2

Grab something to take the edge off, because it’s time to talk about the Northwestern quarterback situation.

2022 Record Predictions with More Gravy, Please: Indiana Potluck #4

All the better to help you swallow a 4-8 season!

Is Southern Indiana in the Midwest? Is there a better looking coach than Walt Bell? // Indiana Potluck #3

Because the world isn’t fair, grab a fried biscuit and come argue about some things.

Is Indiana to blame for Cincinnati Chili? Hoosier Potluck Preview #2

All the regional cringe you can handle, from Bourbon Barrels to Cincinnati Chili to a modest proposal featuring Iowa State more disgusting than anything featuring noodles in meat sauce.

Piss, Vinegar, Love Each Other, and Mangoes: Indiana Potluck #1

A regional misunderstanding yields you pickles when you expected fruit, and a misunderstanding in whether Indiana was actually good might’ve cost you some money in 2021.

How about a 14th helping of hotdish? 2021 Ohio State Record Predictions

Grab some Johnny Marzetti—no, we don’t care if you’re full—and tell us if the Buckeyes are in the College Football Playoff again.

Potluck #1: Is Ohio State even a Big Ten team anymore?

From speed traps and Waffle Houses to stoolie rumor-mongering and the broken nature of the Big Ten. Ohio, everyone!

There’s no way the ‘Cats repeat in the West. RIGHT? 2021 Northwestern Football Predictions

A curtain-raiser with Michigan State, ANOTHER damn Duke game, and friendly enough crossovers. Could Northwestern repeat atop the West?

2021 Indiana Record Predictions: The Most Interesting Schedule in the Big Ten

Grab a frosty mug of Southern Indiana’s finest and let’s toast the most interesting schedule in the Big Ten.

Indiana Potluck #2: I-69, Brain, and Penix THIS IS A MATURE BLOG, YOU GO HOME

We head down I-69 and marvel at how football is a game of inches.

Indiana Potluck #1: Do we buy what Tom Allen is selling? Indiana actually becoming a football school?

Iowa Potluck #4: What happens when you let Iowans invent things

No, Iowans, you don’t have to leave the state. Since you’ve fused with your couch, we’ll bring the food to you.

Iowa Potluck #3: MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT (and also defense)

How has the Iowa defense been SO good for SO long?

Iowa Potluck #2: The Hawkeye Offense is One Big University Heights Speed Trap

In which the Iowa Offensive Experience is like driving across the entire state with a University Heights cop tailing you.

Potluck #1: Smell that? It’s Iowa Football.

Head down the I-380 corridor—at a reasonable speed, please—and let’s grab a whiff of the Hawkeyes ahead of 2021.

Penn State Potluck #3: A sticky schedule...all to finish second?

The delicious memories of Ye Olde College Diner live on.

B1G 2021: Penn State Potluck #2 - Let’s Move on to Dessert

Talking Twin Tier traditions and Penn State volleyball's waning dominance: grab a few off the cookie table and let's get to it.

B1G 2021, Penn State Potluck #1: Something’s missing from the Penn State offense...

...and something’s missing from this classic Pennsylvania Dutch dinner.

B1G 2021, Potluck #4: Laughing at Notre Dame and Picking How Wisconsin Finishes

A date with Notre Dame, a cushy back half of the this the schedule of a playoff contender?

Getting Defensive About Traditions: Let’s Jump Around with Wisconsin’s Defense // Potluck #3

Tailgate traditions, the brilliance of the Wisconsin 3-4 defense, and a local kid who’s made good.

B1G 2021, Wisconsin Potluck #2: Can the Badgers fix their offensive struggles from 2020?

Also: great places to have a beer and great places you haven’t been.

Has Wisconsin settled for “good enough” with Paul Chryst? Wisconsin Potluck #1

Is the "Wisconsin Way" a happy plateau or self-satisfied settling?

Saying NICE Things about Rutgers and New Jersey

Turns out it’s "Be Nice to New Jersey Week." Do our writers and readers even have the ability to say nice things about Rutgers and Jersey?


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