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Big Ten Power Polls

Week Two Power Poll: Backstreet’s Back, Alright!

Gonna bring the flavor, gonna show you how.

Week 1 Power Poll: Irish Things

Power Poll is back, and as rotten as ever. Just like Nebraska.

The Big Ten Basketball Power Poll Enters the Matrix

The B1G is on some blue pill -ish right now. You voted, we compared.

Big Ten Football Power Poll Week 13: Skyrim NPC’s Edition

You picked a bad time to get lost, friend.

Week Twelve Big Ten Power Poll: GIF Thanks

Warning: This article may grind your computer to a screeching halt.

B1G Power Poll Week 11: Major Evolutionary Milestones

You really gon’ learn today

Week Ten Big Ten Power Poll: Hamilton

Oceans rise, empires (except OSU’s) fall, these fourteen teams have tortured us all fall...

Week Eight Big Ten Power Poll: Popular Scams

We’re all scamming our way into belief at this point.

Week Seven B1G Power Poll: B1G Rivalry Trophies

Now with More Lasers!

Week Six B1G Power Poll: I Think You Should Leave (Skits)

Why are you shouting? Why are YOU shouting?

Week Five Big Ten Power Poll: Social Media Personalities

What else was Coach Hype supposed to be?!

Week Four Big Ten Power Poll: Pumpkin Spice!

In which I set a new record for uses of "frolicking" in an article.

Big Ten Power Poll, Week Three: Four-Letter Male Names

Part One!

Week 2 Big Ten Power Poll: Victoriana

Time to party like it’s 1869!

Big Ten Power Poll, Week 1: It’s Arrested Development

Now the story of a wealthy booster who paid everything, and got Scott Frost.

Power Poll, Week 0.5: Sad Things

Let’s get depressed!

Power Poll, Week 8: Parks and Rec Moments

Revisiting my favorite show, because it’s much more fun to watch than my favorite football team.

Week Six Power Poll: 1980s Saturday morning cartoon villains

Oh to be a kid again! Let’s watch some cartoons on Saturday

Week Five Power Poll: Welcome to Stoneybrook!

The Babysitter’s Club Tries to Look After the Big Ten

Week Five Power Poll: Terrible Things About Thanksgiving

If you’re Zooming it in this year, remember, you ain’t missing much

Week Four Power Poll: The Bottle Rockets

Baby, you’re a firework. Or a piece of work.

Power Poll, Week Three: I’m Going to Helicopter You Right in the Face

A Veteran’s Day Power Poll

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Big Ten Week 3 Power Poll: Final Fantasy VII

Batman is here with some...rankings? Hate? A power poll? We're not sure, but a lot of happening and he ranks Big Ten teams!

Week 1 Power Poll: Crocodilians

You gon’ learn today.

Pre-Season Power Poll: Bachelorette Contestants

Who will get the final rose (bowl)?

Power Poll, Week 14: Hallmark Christmas Movies

Yup, I’m going there. Welcome to Evergreen.

Week 12 Power Poll: Potlucks!

A poll more half-assed than bringing a bag of Lay’s.

Week 11 Power Poll: Twins

Double the Pleasure!

Week 9 Power Poll: Stephen King Edition

Week 8 Power Poll: Golden Girls

Thank you for being a friend!

Week Five Power Poll: Medieval English Monarchs, Near Monarchs, and the Thorns in Their Sides

Were you hoping to learn about Empress Matilda today? Well you’re in luck!

Week 4 Power Poll: The B1G is a Battlefield

Yep, It’s Benatar


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