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Punting Is Winning

Iowa writer Atinat quantifies for you exactly how punting (and special teams as a whole) contributes to winning every week with the magic of PISS

Punting Week 4: Who really won Iowa-Rutgers?

Spoiler, it was still Iowa

What Punting is Winning looks like

Thanks to... Indiana??

PISSing away close games

Big Ten special teams’ special guys, week two

Punting in the year 2022

I’m back, in a limited fashion

Punting is Winning: The Finale

Jordan Stout PISSes Strongly

Punting is Winning: A Changing of the PISS Guards

Jordan Stout does the unthinkable

Ray Guy: College Football’s B1Gest Award

The Big Ten Boasts Five of Ten Semifinalists

Punting is Winning: What a Battle in Happy Valley

Stout and Robbins duel, Special Teams fuel another Iowa victory

Punting is Winning: Row the Boat

A subpar week, but not without highlights

Punting is Winning: Returners Clap Back

Is a good returner as important as a good punter?

Punting is Winning: Hello, Blake Hayes

Did Blake Hayes single-handedly beat Penn State? No, that wouldn’t’ve taken 9 OTs

Punting is Winning, Week 5: I fixed punting stats (with help)!

Thanks to Ardichoke for helping me make a stat

Punting is Winning: And Just Punting This Week Because Beez Stole My Kicker and Returner

A look at the punter’s performances this week and through the non-con

Punting is Winning; kicking, not so much

Korsak shines with limited reps, Huskers lose thanks to poor special teams