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Punting Is Winning

Iowa writer Atinat quantifies for you exactly how punting (and special teams as a whole) contributes to winning every week with the magic of PISS

Punting is Winning: The Finale

Jordan Stout PISSes Strongly

Punting is Winning: A Changing of the PISS Guards

Jordan Stout does the unthinkable

Ray Guy: College Football’s B1Gest Award

The Big Ten Boasts Five of Ten Semifinalists

Punting is Winning: What a Battle in Happy Valley

Stout and Robbins duel, Special Teams fuel another Iowa victory

Punting is Winning: Row the Boat

A subpar week, but not without highlights

Punting is Winning: Returners Clap Back

Is a good returner as important as a good punter?

Punting is Winning: Hello, Blake Hayes

Did Blake Hayes single-handedly beat Penn State? No, that wouldn’t’ve taken 9 OTs

Punting is Winning, Week 5: I fixed punting stats (with help)!

Thanks to Ardichoke for helping me make a stat

Punting is Winning: And Just Punting This Week Because Beez Stole My Kicker and Returner

A look at the punter’s performances this week and through the non-con

Punting is Winning; kicking, not so much

Korsak shines with limited reps, Huskers lose thanks to poor special teams