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The Unofficial OTE Guide To Dealing With Sub-Mediocrity: Purdue Edition

When "Boiler Up" Got Hammered Down

Purdue Boilermakers 2019 Closing Arguments

Can Purdue Football Compete For The Big Ten West This Year? // B1G 2019 Podcast

I think I can I think I can I think I can

Better Know a B1G Blog: Hammer and Rails

We talk longevity, being Extremely Online, and navigating the world of Purdue blogging with...a guy who’s been doing it for a damn long time. Meet Travis Miller of Hammer and Rails!

Maybe the potluck will go for a burrito after all! // B1G 2019, Purdue Potluck #2

This potuck won’t literally kill a guy, unlike Purdue’s lack of a returning run game.

Time to dance like it’s 1980? The Purdue Boilermakers NCAA Tournament Primer

An intriguing draw sets up for some fireworks in Louisville. Can the Boilermakers survive an old Big East foe and roll back the clock?

2018 showed the promise for 2019 in West Lafayette: Purdue Season Recap

A little bit of ecstasy and a fair amount of, "Oh, what the hell, man?"

Music City Bowl Preview: Purdue heads to Nashville to take on Auburn

Can the Boilers’ offense get them through one more game this year, or will Jarrett Stidham and the Tigers’ speed shut down Purdue?

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Why did Jeff Brohm stay at Purdue?

Jeff Brohm Stays At Purdue; Spurns Louisville

What does it mean for Boilermaker players, fans, and everyone else?

How to Handle the Brohm-to-Louisville Rumors

Will Purdue’s coach take the money and cross the Ohio?

Closing Arguments: Purdue will score its way to a bowl game

Do the Boilermakers have the defense to squeak past a tough schedule and into more December football?

B1G 2018 // Purdue Mailbag Answers

B1G 2018 // The Purdue Potluck: It’s Tricky

It’s Tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that’s right on time

B1G 2018 // Purdue Fandom: Is Purdue the most snakebitten fanbase?

A Purdue ‘writer’ ponders the question.

The Purdue Boilermakers Are Very Useful Engines That Might Struggle Defensively: Podcast 5/30/18 // B1G 2018

The fat controller laughed. "You are wrong"

B1G 2018 // Purdue Mailbag Request

Please ask us questions that we can answer

B1G 2018 // The Purdue Coaches: Who had the best pro career?

Judging the Purdue coaching staff by their pro careers

B1G 2018 // The Purdue Boilermakers Review, Preview, and Outlook

Football is fun again in West Lafayette

A Boilermaker’s Guide to Game of Thrones: Where do the maester, sirs, and artillery of Purdue go from here?

Buckeyes Take Over First Place With Miracle Win in Mackey, 64-63

Purdue loses first conference game of the season

Pinstripe Bowl, Foster Farms Bowl Picks, Open Thread

Iowa heads to New York to take on Boston College, while Purdue goes west to meet Arizona in Santa Clara. We’ve got your picks, time, TV, odds, and more!

Big Ten Basketball Match-ups Are Out, And They Are Less Than Ideal

Protect rivalries? HAHAHAHA no.

Three New Starters That Will Shape The Big Ten West

Three familiar faces in the race will replace key positions

Purdue Boilermakers, Is It? You’re Still Here? But Why?

Do you really want to stay as much as we want you to?

B1G 2017 // History proves the Purdue Boilermakers football team can go undefeated... kinda

Seriously, they did it twice. No, it’s not exactly recent. Just keep reading.

Purdue Potluck III: Look, they have five coordinators. Let’s talk about it.

Three offensive-minded coordinators, two defensive coordinators, something about a passing game... This is all very confusing. Someone is going to filibuster.

Purdue Potluck II: Will the QB Play (and offense) improve?

Will David Bough flourish under the tutelage of Jeff Brohm?

B1G 2017 // Can Jeff Brohm do anything with the remains of the Darrell Hazell era?

Jeff Brohm brings a 30-10 record to West Lafayette from Western Kentucky University. Pull up a chair and let’s talk Purdue over discussion over local pub food.

B1G Hoops Weekend Open Thread: Who Is Going To Take Control At The Top Of The Conference?

With Purdue-MSU and Maryland-Wisconsin, the logjam for 1st in the conference can finally start to clear up some.

B1G Basketball: Midweek Previews and Bracketology

Northwestern can drive the final nail in Illinois’ coffin and could Nebraska upset Wisconsin?

Hazell Out at Purdue

Purdue’s Rivals site is reporting that the Boilermakers have fired Hazell.


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