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PODCAST: 5 OTE Writers Try To Digest USC & UCLA

The future has arrived and it’s both wacky and practical

Five Stars? Why the Big Ten Needs More Closers

Real Talk About (the lack of) Recruiting in the Big Ten

National Signing Day, 2020: B1G Winners and Losers

The hardest-hitting look at Big Ten recruiting this side of...whatever the other side of you is.

Would you play for bald PJ Fleck?

An important Off Tackle Empire pictorial investigation with ramifications for Minnesota Golden Gophers football recruiting.

Tim Beckman has thin skin

Tim Beckman wants the media to be cheerleaders for the University of Illinois

Signing Day Reaction

Insert pithy joke about fax machines returning to irrelevance here

Signing Day Open Thread

Crootz on crootz on crootz on crootz

B1G Recruiting Woes

A picture is worth a thousand words. Will someone besides Urban Meyer discover Florida, please?

So, Is Recruiting A Big Deal?

What's the best recruiting strategy?

On The Recruiting Trail With B1G Coaches

Imagining what an in home recruiting visit would be like if all B1G coaches showed up at the same house at the same time.