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Week 1: B1G Afternoon Game Thread

A Death Star and Two Cupcakes

Wisconsin Closing Arguments 2023: Air Raids and Dollar Defenses

In Luke We Trust

Wisconsin 2023: Schedule, Record Prediction

Lotta different ways the season could go

Wisconsin 2023: Defense

Whereupon many confused Wisconsinites come to understand that the 3-3-5 has nothing to do with soccer.

A Very Wisconsin Potluck: Weird changes for changes’ sake?

From the Dairy Raid to brandy in an Old Fashioned, we discuss Wisconsin changing things that already worked and making them...well, weirder.

Wisconsin 2023: Who is Wisconsin Now? What is the B1G Now?

Not just the faces, but the program. Not just the program, but the conference as a whole?

B1G 2023: Wisconsin. So What’s New?

It would take less time to mention what hasn’t changed...

Closing Arguments: No, Really, Wisconsin MIGHT Throw it More This Year

(Would that be a good thing?)

Can Wisconsin Football take offensive line play to new heights? PODCAST

Plus, at what point do we give up on Greg Gard failing?

Badgers Football Season Predictions // B1G 2022, Wisconsin Potluck #4

Reminiscing on dive bars, Brock Spack’s mustache, and that one coach who just can’t beat your team.

Jim Leonhard: Coach-in-Waiting? Plus, what’s a Hodag? // Wisconsin Potluck #3

Let’s head north to Highway 8 and talk local Wisconsin legends—on and off the field.

B1G 2022 // An un-Wisconsin-like amount of coaching turnover

A confluence of events? A sign of turbulence ahead?

Graham Mertz and Flaky, Filled Pastry // B1G 2022, Wisconsin Potluck #2

Plus, the wide-range of ethnic culinary cuisine that Wisconsin offers...

Can No-Frills Paul Chryst Survive Big Ten Expansion? // Wisconsin Potluck #1

Just a pickle spear in your Bloody Mary, or could we be more extravagant?

The Incident on the Isthmus! The Kerfuffle at the Kohl Center! The Mustelidae Melee! An OTE Analysis

basically who was wrong and...wait, is it not wisconsin

Come for Brad Davison, Stay for the Youth Movement: 2021-22 Badgers Hoops Preview

A rebuild, or another double-bye in the Big Ten Tournament? ...why not both?

B1G 2021, Potluck #4: Laughing at Notre Dame and Picking How Wisconsin Finishes

A date with Notre Dame, a cushy back half of the this the schedule of a playoff contender?

Getting Defensive About Traditions: Let’s Jump Around with Wisconsin’s Defense // Potluck #3

Tailgate traditions, the brilliance of the Wisconsin 3-4 defense, and a local kid who’s made good.

Running Back U: Meet the Next Wisconsin RB Who’ll Run Your Team Over

Spoiler: We’re ignoring 2020 again.

B1G 2021, Wisconsin Potluck #2: Can the Badgers fix their offensive struggles from 2020?

Also: great places to have a beer and great places you haven’t been.

B1G 2021: How Barry Alvarez rebuilt Wisconsin Football

Was this the last of its kind? Should it be?

Has Wisconsin settled for “good enough” with Paul Chryst? Wisconsin Potluck #1

Is the "Wisconsin Way" a happy plateau or self-satisfied settling?

2020 sucked. Should 2021 be better for Badgers Football? B1G 2021 Wisconsin Cocktail Party Preview

Badger week looks more fun in odd years. Let’s dive in.

Catching Up with Big Ten Volleyball

A sport we can actually be proud of.

B1G Power Poll, Post-Season: Mask Styles

Masks: A Blessing for Iowa Fans Since 2020

Michigan is Rolling

Michigan routs Wisconsin in battle of top ten teams

The Axe Game is canceled. Should the Big Ten schedule Minnesota-Wisconsin for December 19?

As COVID concerns rise in Minneapolis, bemoaning the loss of the oldest rivalry in college football and questioning a potential reschedule.

Wisconsin Steamrolls Michigan

Michigan’s freefall continues as Wisconsin embarrasses the Wolverines in Ann Arbor

What if: Nebraska hired the right Alumnus in 1997?

Rose Bowl Preview: Wisconsin vs. Oregon

An in-depth preview of the 2012 Rose Bowl rematch between Jonathan Taylor’s Wisconsin Badgers and Justin Herbert’s Pac-12 champion Oregon Ducks.

Blocking Chargecast: Big Ten Basketball Previews of the Wisconsin Badgers, Rutgers Scarlet Knights, and Ohio State Buckeyes

A Big Ten basketball podcast preview of the red-and-white teams in the conference: Can the Buckeyes contend for the Big Ten title, and could landmines like Rutgers trip them up?

The Chrystal Ball: Central Michigan

What can we say that this man hasn’t already? Everything.


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